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Don’t Neglect Your Car The Importance of Professional Car Service

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Rotating your tires

Getting your car serviced is important for every vehicle owner unless you want to spend thousands of extra dollars on repairs once it?s too late. There are plenty of things you can do on your own to make sure your vehicle is up to par, but getting your car serviced by professionals is still your best bet.

One of the worst things you can do as a vehicle owner is to neglect your car. Too many people think that just because they bought a reliable vehicle that it will remain reliable even if they don?t property take care of it. That?s just not the case. If you neglect your car, not matter how new or high quality it is, eventua


Are You Worried That Your Teen Will Drive After Drinking?

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Interlock arizona

A recent television commercial features a handsome young man who is doing really well at his job. After receiving promotion after promotion for his good work, the television commercial goes on to move into a new upscale condominium, buy a new car, and travel to exciting places in the world. The next quick snapshots go on to show this successful young man enjoying evenings out on the town, weekends at local sporting events, and early mornings at a well equipped health club.
The next part of the commercial shows the young man leaving a party with a woman who he just met and jumping in a car. Even though the driver had several drinks just before leaving, he is still jangling his keys getting ready to take his new lady home to his new and impressive apartment. Just a few blocks after leaving, however, he is


Essential Tips for Buying a Used Car

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Used cars

More than 40 million used cars change hands every year in private and dealership sales. This is an indication that people are looking for ways to save while still getting something that is in a good condition. Most people look for cars that are under $5,000, and with a good plan in place, it is possible to get the right used car. With so many choices, finding the right option can be quite trick without a plan.

What Brand and Model Do you Want?

The first step is to build a target list of cars that you would love to own. Most people usually opt for Honda and Toyota since they are usually the most popular used cars. But, if you are looking to save, stick to one brand and make a list of three options that you love


Is a Recreational Vehicle Purchase Included in Your Future Plans?

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Used boats for sale

It was a fun visit at the end of your trip to the grocery store. Seeing a friend from church at your local grocery store prompted you to ask if they had moved to this part of the city. Your friend’s surprising response, however, caught you off guard. She said that she and her husband no longer had a home any where in the city. When they are in town they split their time spending three to four days at a time with each of their grown children. When they are not in town, they stay in their fifth wheel camper in Florida. And while you knew that the friends form church had vacationed in a warmer location during the midwest winters, you did not realize that they had sold their home altogether.
Can a Airstr


International Car Shipping 101

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Cost to ship a car

International car shipping can at first seem a little intimidating. It’s hard to know where to start and what exactly to look for. Here are some things you need to know when looking into international car shipping:

The Basics
Many car shipping companies recommend having little to nothing in the car you are transporting. If you are shipping your car, make sure to research how much cargo the company allows.
If you’re looking to save some cash, ship your car in the winter instead of the summer. Rates are approximately $200-$300 higher in the summer. According to, You can also save cash when you ship a car with uncovered carrier. Covered carriers offer more protection but ca


Eight Tips for Being Successful in Transportation Sales

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Transportation training

Are you interested in finding the right transportation sales job? While the declining economy has made many trades and industries tough to be successful in, transportation brokers are here to stay. No matter what the economy is doing, 70% of our goods are transported by trucking companies. Since the demand for professional truck driver jobs is higher than ever, finding the right transportation sales job is a good way to get a piece of the transportation industry if you aren’t actually made for transportation.

The key to finding the right transportation sales j


How Regular Maintenance Affects A Car’s Performance And Safety

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Used trucks okc

There are many responsibilities that come with buying a new car. In fact, most of the time the car you buy from, for example, a Ford dealer isn’t new at all. Used cars for sale are by no means “lesser” options than new cars. Actually, they’re better options in almost everyone — and as a new car begins losing value as soon as they lead the car dealership lot, they’re certainly the most cost-efficient options. But there are things you should know before buying your used car. For example, you’ll want to know its mileage, as well as when the brakes were last checked and more. While you might think that the biggest thing you’ll have to worry about as a car accident is the potential for a wreck, in fact vehicular negl