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How We Can Prevent Drunk Driving In The United States

Written by Free Car Magazine. Posted in Ignition interlock installation, Ignition interlock installers, Interlock device az

There’s no doubt about it that car accidents happen far too frequently, as many as six million of them in just one year in the United States alone. There are many causes for car accidents and some of them are not preventable. But many of them are.

When you look at car crashes that result from at least one party driving while intoxicated, you see an unnecessary tragedy. DUIs are prevalent all across the United States, but drunk drivers are not caught at the rate that they should be. In fact, it is estimated that the average person who drives while intoxicated will drive this way at least, on average, eighty times before finally being pulled over and apprehended. And data has also been gathered that shows that there are more than three hundred thousand drunk drivers on the roads in just one day in America – but only around four thousand or even less will actually be stopped and arrested. This leaves far too much opportunity for tragedy, tragedy that happens all too often as a result