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Performance Parts and Accessories The Subaru Aftermarket

Written by Free Car Magazine. Posted in Cusco roll cage, Evo 9 parts, Subaru wrx performance parts

They’ve handed you the keys and the Subaru is yours! Hop inside, enjoy the “new car” smell and start your engine. Then remember this reality: the buying doesn’t stop when you drive out of the lot. Ask anyone who drives a car and they will tell you the same thing. Perhaps that accounts for the fact that, in 2017, the automotive aftermarket in the U.S. was an industry worth $287 billion. This includes the Subaru aftermarket.

Through 2020, the projected compound annual growth rate of the automotive aftermarket is 3.6%. Whether you have purchased a brand new vehicle or a used one, there’s always something new and exciting available to make your car even better than the day you purchased it.

These aftermarket parts can be categorized in two different groups. The first group is accessories. The second group consists of performance parts, and sometimes these are import performance parts. Subaru aftermarket customers and other car owners have the choice of having their vehicles serv