Road Trips Cars and Other Thoughts

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In the history of annals, there is the American road trip. The American road trip is chronicled in several movies, highlighted in several books, featured on certain TV shows, and seen in magazines. It is the seminal idea of the American: That road trip across America to see much of the country.

35% of Americans are planning to take a vacation 50 miles or more away from home with two or more immediate family members in 2017. Compared to 2016, 10% more families are expected to take road trips in 2017. Road trips require careful planning. The routes, the destinations, the stopping points, should all be mapped out beforehand.

If a GPS is an issue, having a standard map might be welcome to someone who does not like to rely on electronic devices to guide them to the destination. A map would help s


Finding the Right Car Is a Process That Takes Both Time and Patience

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Cars enable participation in the community

It is a given that cars enable participation in the community. From getting to and from college classes to commuting to work and from running errands for groceries to attending church, athletic, and charity events, the fact that cars enable participation in the community means that if you do not have access to a car you may find yourself very limited in what you are able to do.
And while the price of a new vehicle can be substantial, it is important to remember that there are often a number of used car options that can be both affordable and reliable. In fact, Continue Reading No Comments