Don’t Wait Till It’s Too Late Preparing For the Big Storm

Written by Free Car Magazine. Posted in Heavy duty snow plows, Snow pusher rubber cutting edge, Steel snow pusher

Containment plow

Snow removal is no small thing! Indeed, Salt Lake City in Utah and Denver, Colorado, have each received eight feet or more of snow in their record high seasons. Excessive snowfall can cause people to miss work, get into dangerous car accidents, not be able to make it to the hospital or to medical appointments, and be trapped in their homes for extended periods of time.

Not only is heavy snowfall dangerous and inconvenient, but it is extremely costly! It’s estimated that Canada spends nearly $1 billion annually on snow removal. It was estimated by a 2014 IHS Global Insight study that a single-day, snow-related shutdown in New York can add up to $700 million in total economic costs — including $152 million in lost retail sales. People with heavy duty snow plows, an angled snow pusher,snow pushers, and a