How Ignition Interlock Devices Can Save Lives and Money

Written by Free Car Magazine. Posted in Car breathalyzer, Interlock chandler, Interlock tucson

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Every day, 28 people die because of drunk driving. Countless more are injured, even crippled for the rest of their lives. Futures are robbed from people because one person couldn’t be responsible enough to not drive under the influence of alcohol. Annually, crashes relating to alcohol cost more than $59 billion. Families go poor because of them — that’s all money that could have been spent toward education or welfare. Countless people have finally begun to ask: how can we lessen this, or even put a stop to it?
Perhaps one of the newest methods of drunk driving control is what’s known as an “ignition interlock device.” Essentially, it’s a car breathalyzer that must be blown into to allow the vehi