Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Shelby Cobra Kit

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Very few cars are as desirable and iconic as the Shelby AC Cobra, and the Shelby Cobra kit car is always among the most popular replica car kit models. Here’s why.

  • The AC Cobra has an amazing history. The car was built by Carroll Shelby, a Texan chicken-farmer become racing legend who was forced off the circuit as a driver by health considerations. He wanted to combine the compact and powerful American V-8 engine with a lightweight European body and create a killer racing car. Though he originally went to Chevrolet for his engine, they rejected him and Ford happily took up the mantle. The original AC Cobras became known as Corvette-Beaters”, and it was their light weight and powerful design that made this possible. While racing cars can weigh as much as 3,400 pounds, the Cobras were famous for weighing less than 2,500. Ford’s work in the Cobra led to the Mustang and

History Lesson The 5 Most Powerful Muscle Cars Ever Made

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Cobra kits

The term muscle car is of American origin, and refers to any American-made two-door vehicle designed for high performance and high speed driving. However, not all muscle cars are equal.

Some muscle cars were so famous that car enthusiasts buy replica car kits just to have something similar. Others didn’t do so well, but typically the faster and more powerful, the more popular the car. Here’s a list of the five most powerful muscle cars of all time.

1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429
This car is what happens when standard car makers feel the need to meet NASCAR regulations in a casual vehicle. Fewer than 1,400 were built between 1969 and 1970, which makes this one of the rarest muscle cars out there as well.


Is That a Roadster? Know Your Car Terms!

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When people discuss automobiles, particularly famous models, there are many terms that invariably get thrown around. One collector may list with pride their perfect AC Cobra replica, while another boasts about the custom roadster they had built. But what do these terms actually mean? Can they not be used interchangeably? The truth of the matter is that while there is quite a bit of overlap in the definitions, the car terms themselves do have some key variances that show some terms do not apply to just any car.

Let’s define the custom roadster. A roadster is a class of convertible. It is a topdown car that will only have two seats, and is exclusively sporty in design. A convertible can be a two-sea