What Happens When You Get a Flat Tire? Three Facts Every Driver Should Know

Written by Free Car Magazine. Posted in Custom tire covers, Tire covers

Spare tire cover

Did you know that in the U.S., a tire is punctured every seven seconds on average? Flat tires might not happen that frequently for individual cars, but sooner or later, they are an experience most drivers will have. In most cases, flat tires are cause by sharp objects puncturing the wheel, though valve stem leaks and tire bead leaks are also fairly common. What can you do so that you are less likely to have a flat tire, and better able to respond if it happens anyway? Here are three tips for responsible drivers.

1. Take Care of Your Tires; Check Them

Did you know that tires should have a tread at least 4/32 inch deep, in order to be safe? Once the tread is thin, it’s easier for sharp items on the road to work their way in. An easy way to check? A quarter placed between your tire grooves. Th