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Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Shelby Cobra Kit

Written by Free Car Magazine. Posted in Performance driving, Shelby cobra kit car

Very few cars are as desirable and iconic as the Shelby AC Cobra, and the Shelby Cobra kit car is always among the most popular replica car kit models. Here’s why.

  • The AC Cobra has an amazing history. The car was built by Carroll Shelby, a Texan chicken-farmer become racing legend who was forced off the circuit as a driver by health considerations. He wanted to combine the compact and powerful American V-8 engine with a lightweight European body and create a killer racing car. Though he originally went to Chevrolet for his engine, they rejected him and Ford happily took up the mantle. The original AC Cobras became known as Corvette-Beaters”, and it was their light weight and powerful design that made this possible. While racing cars can weigh as much as 3,400 pounds, the Cobras were famous for weighing less than 2,500. Ford’s work in the Cobra led to the Mustang and