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Do Your Wheel Rims Tell the Story of Your Early Driving Days?

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Wheel repair chesapeake va

It’s natural to freak out a little bit if you ding, scratch, or scuff the body of your nice car. Even if no one else in the world notices it, you’ll always see that spot in the driver side where someone carelessly flung open their door. However, have you looked down at your wheel rims lately? Chances are, they look far worse than any of the small body scratches that only you can pick out. Wheel rims can take quite a beating, especially if you have a car that was subject to your early days as a driver. In the interest of preserving your vehicle, here is how you can protect your wheel rims, and keep them well maintained.

Watch that parallel parking job.

Maybe you haven’t heard of curb rash before, but if you look at your rims, you’ll probably see it. It’s that dark scuff that runs


What Exactly is a Remanufactured Hybrid Battery Replacement? Three Facts

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Honda insight battery replacement

Did you know that US News has five Honda vehicles in its top 20 ranking for the best hybrid cars? Given the high ratings Honda consistently receives on its overall lineups, it’s no surprise that they’re a popular choice for hybrid drivers. Hybrid vehicles are estimated to be between 20% and 35% more efficient than a traditional gas powered car.

However, with hybrids often come uncertainly, especially concerning the batteries for hybrid cars. Because hybrids are a newer option, it’s often more difficult to troubleshoot common questions with car-knowledgeable friends and family. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of several answers to common Honda Civic hybrid battery questions.

1. How Long Will My Battery Last?

A typical hybrid battery can last ten years or more,


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