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What Happens When You Get a Flat Tire? Three Facts Every Driver Should Know

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Did you know that in the U.S., a tire is punctured every seven seconds on average? Flat tires might not happen that frequently for individual cars, but sooner or later, they are an experience most drivers will have. In most cases, flat tires are cause by sharp objects puncturing the wheel, though valve stem leaks and tire bead leaks are also fairly common. What can you do so that you are less likely to have a flat tire, and better able to respond if it happens anyway? Here are three tips for responsible drivers.

1. Take Care of Your Tires; Check Them

Did you know that tires should have a tread at least 4/32 inch deep, in order to be safe? Once the tread is thin, it’s easier for sharp items on the road to work their way in. An easy way to check? A quarter placed between your tire grooves. Th


Tips to Help You Choose the Best Bus for Your Group

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Have you been on the hunt for used buses for sale? A bus will likely be a great asset to your group, whether you are a business, a senior center, assisted living community, or church. Traveling long distances for business or for pleasure can be difficult when you have a lot of participants. The “caravan” style of transport may still result in some people arriving late, or getting lost, and over a long distance, riding in a cramped car can be very uncomfortable. Before you purchase a used bus, there are three things you should be keenly aware of in regards to the capacity of the vehicle, how you intend to use it, and how you can keep the bus in great working condition.

Passenger Capacity

If you only expect to transport about 15 people or less at a time, you might think that a 15 passenger van would


Five Important Facts to Know When Buying a New Car

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Everybody likes to treat themselves every once in a while. When it comes to new car sales, however, an impulse buy can likely leave you financially stranded. In fact, the best used cars will often get you the exact same results as new ones — they’ll both get you where you need to go. The difference, of course, is a that a new car is an investment, so follow these five tips to make it a smart one.

Ask yourself the important questions.

Is this car a smart investment right now, and will I be able to afford it? How much do I care about aesthetics like colors, designs and interior dashboard goodies? How much do I care about safety standards and performance aspects like gas mileage? Knowing the answers to these will give you a solid foundation as to whether or not you should continue the process of


Party bus charlotte —- FREE VIDEO

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Glass repair phoenix —- [VIDEO]

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Do You Need to Take a Drivers Education Course Soon? Here are a Few Important Facts You Need to know

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Did you know that an astounding 36 percent of all teen deaths are caused by motor vehicle crashes? One of the main reasons for this horrifying number is the fact that s lot of teens get their drivers licenses well before they are able to safely drive a vehicle. Though some states have begun to change laws in order to make it a little bit harder for teens to get their drivers licenses, there are still a huge number of teenagers that need to participate in behind the wheel training before they can be safe behind the wheel of a car. Here are a few more important facts that you need to know about the best driving schools and the importance of drivers ed training.

Driver’s education, also known as driver’s ed, is a class or pr


Car dealerships okc —- [VIDEOS]

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