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When looking for a high quality tow truck San Jose residents may not be aware that there are actually five major types of towing equipment, including wheel lift, flatbed, hook and chain, boom and integrated. The best drivers for towing san jose has are often the first responders to emergency scenes on the roadway. People looking for the best company for a tow truck san jose may be surprised at just what a complex and refined industry it is.

Tow truck operators are an incredibly crucial aspect of highway incident management. One of the reasons that the most capable drivers for a tow truck San Jose has are crucial to accident scenes is because they can safely and quickly remove disabled and wrecked cehicles from the roadway. This helps to reduce traffic congestion as well as secondary collisions.

Those looking for the most reliable company for a tow truck San Jose has may not be aware of the International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum, or how it maintains a wide variety of antique equipment, wreckers, toys, tools, photos and collectibles. More.