Tips to Help You Choose the Best Bus for Your Group

Buy a bus

Have you been on the hunt for used buses for sale? A bus will likely be a great asset to your group, whether you are a business, a senior center, assisted living community, or church. Traveling long distances for business or for pleasure can be difficult when you have a lot of participants. The “caravan” style of transport may still result in some people arriving late, or getting lost, and over a long distance, riding in a cramped car can be very uncomfortable. Before you purchase a used bus, there are three things you should be keenly aware of in regards to the capacity of the vehicle, how you intend to use it, and how you can keep the bus in great working condition.

Passenger Capacity

If you only expect to transport about 15 people or less at a time, you might think that a 15 passenger van would be ideal in terms of cost and handling. Unfortunately, what will cost you less out of pocket could cost someone their life. More and more, 15 passenger vans are proving to be very unsafe in accidents. A bus that has the same capacity is a much safer choice as it offers more protection for those inside. Another element to consider is if you will you be transporting anyone, either now, or in the future, who is in a wheelchair. If the answer is yes, then you will want to look at used buses for sale that have optional wheelchair lifts and are handicap accessible.

Vehicle Use

A party bus for sale may not be a good fit if you plan
to use your bus for an assisted living community, or church congregation. A party bus will put style over function and accessibility. However, that does not mean that a party bus does not have its place among certain companies. Communicating to the bus dealership how you intend to use the vehicle will help them to match the right bus to your group. Some buses come with options for seats that are spill and stain resistant, making them more valuable to senior communities, while others come with amenities that add to the comfort of the passengers, making them better for groups that intend to take longer trips.

Vehicle Maintenance

When looking at used buses for sale, make sure to ask about the warranty. While a warranty is generally preferable, if you purchase a bus without one then you may want to become familiar with a bus parts warehouse. In this way, if you need to bring your vehicle in for repair, and the repair shop quotes you a price that is unreasonable, you have a good resource for finding quality replacement parts. Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your bus running and safe. If possible, store you bus in a covered shed, or an over-sized garage, to protect your bus from wind, snow, rain, and excessive heat.

Purchasing a bus is a big decision for any group, and also a significant investment. Make sure to talk to the bus sales company about the needs of your group, how many people you hope to transport, and where, and how you can keep your bus like new for as long as possible. Taking these factors into consideration will ensure that your investment, and your passengers, are well protected.