Just Been in a Car Crash? Follow These Next Steps

Finding yourself involved in a car crash can be devastating, shocking, and in some cases, even physically debilitating, depending on the severity of the collision itself. Whenever you’ve been in a car crash, knowing who you should turn to for the right accident advice is essential, especially if you’ve suffered injuries or if your car has been significantly damaged in the process. Knowing who to turn to after you’ve been in a car crash for accident advice can assist you in navigating the legal system while filing insurance claims or seeking any type of compensation package you require to make a complete recovery, especially if you’re not at fault for the accident.

Seek Emergency Medical Attention if Necessary

Whether you’ve just been in a semi-accident or a traditional collision with another standard vehicle, you’ll need to assess your situation and seek medical attention immediately as necessary. If you or someone else who has also been involved in the accident is injured or severely hurt, call 911 immediately for emergency medical assistance. Calling for medical attention is necessary before you can begin the process of seeking accident advice from legal professionals and those around you.

If you’re not hurt after being in a car crash, it’s advisable to scope your surroundings to determine if any other driver or passenger at the scene requires additional medical attention. This will help you call the appropriate authorities in a timely manner as you work to assess the rest of your surroundings. Remaining aware of your surroundings at all times after being involved in a car crash is crucial to prevent further damage or injuries to anyone or any vehicle in the area. From here you can start to assess your surroundings, and the damage to your car. You may need a new windshield, attachments for skid steer or tyres, so it’s important to start to assess the damage.

Survey Your Surroundings

Prior to seeking professional accident advice, you’ll also want to survey your surroundings in your area after a crash. Remain cautious before exiting a vehicle after being in a car crash, especially if you’re in an area where traffic is still present and may cause additional collisions or more backups. Always check your mirrors and surroundings prior to leaving your vehicle to inspect the rest of your car and others who may have also been involved in the accident.

You will also want to take a look at the surroundings on the ground after being involved in a car crash, regardless of the severity of the collision. From tracking parking lot lining skids to monitoring damage to guardrails, trees, and other surroundings, it’s important to remain as cognizant and aware as possible of your surroundings after dealing with a car crash. Once you’ve surveyed your surroundings, you can then seek personal injury attorneys to help determine the best course of action for you to take, based on your involvement in the accident and the extent of any injuries you’ve sustained.

Hiring a personal injury attorney is always recommended anytime you experience a car crash, even if you don’t believe you’re at fault or if you’re not seeking compensation personally. A personal injury attorney can explain your options, what you may qualify for in terms of compensation, and whether you’re at risk of fees, fines, and even jail time based on the circumstances of the case and the car crash you were in yourself. Additionally, retaining the right attorney can also ensure they will act as a negotiator and mediator on your behalf when necessary, allowing you to spend more time focusing on other aspects of your case that you deem more important.

Take Photographic and Video Evidence of the Scene

One of the biggest pieces of accident advice you’ll receive from professional insurance agents and attorneys alike includes collecting photographic and video evidence of the scene of any accident you’ve been involved in. Without photographic or video evidence, it’ll be much more challenging to prove your side of the story, especially if you don’t believe you’re responsible for the recent accident you experienced. Whether your vehicle requires AC repair, or a brand-new transmission or engine after an accident, you’ll need to demonstrate proof that the accident was not due to any fault of your own.

Unfortunately, in serious or life-threatening accidents, it’s not always possible to immediately take photographic or video evidence of a car crash you were involved in, especially if you require immediate medical care following the collision. If this is the case, you may need to request CCTV footage from any local businesses that may be in the same area as where your car accident occurred. In some instances, a local police department may be willing to assist you with the process of requesting CCTV footage or additional photographs that may be relevant and used as evidence regarding your accident.

If you’re capable of doing so on your own, you can also visit local businesses and shops near you to inquire about potential photos and videos that may be available when the car crash occurred in the area. Some homeowners may be willing to share captured footage, depending on your location, although this is not always guaranteed or required by law. When you’re working with a professional attorney, they can also work as a mediator and communicate with those who may have some access to a form of evidence that can help prove your case in a court of law.

Contact Your Insurance Agent Directly

After a car accident of any kind, big or small, you’ll need to contact your insurance agent directly and as quickly as possible. Reporting that you’ve been involved in an accident and that you’d like to file a claim is imperative when you’re in need of professional accident advice from your agent directly or even from a local attorney. Filing an insurance claim immediately will also protect you as best as possible if you’re interested in receiving compensation for the damage that has been done to your car or truck, depending on the type of insurance policy you currently have for your car or truck at the time of the accident or collision.

While speaking with your insurance agent, be sure to inquire about your options and what is required from you to begin the process of filing a claim, especially if you’re seeking damages, compensation, or even a temporary rental car as you await repairs. You can learn more about what your policy covers and entails by asking your agent directly in person or over the phone. Working directly with an insurance agent after an accident is also possible with a lawyer by your side if you’re severely injured or in the hospital following the accident.

Retain an Accident Lawyer or Attorney

For the best possible accident advice, you’ll want to turn to a personal injury law office or an attorney who understands the type of auto accident you’ve been involved in. If the accident you were in involved substance abuse (even if you were not under the influence), you may also want to consider retaining criminal DUI attorneys, depending on the situation you’re in and the cause of the accident itself. Hiring the right attorney is a way to better navigate the legal system, especially if you’re not sure of where to start or if you want to avoid charges, jail time, and fines yourself.

Working with a professional law office is a way to learn more about your case, the odds of the case being ruled in your favor, and the circumstances surrounding the accident you were in. You can ask questions regarding your case and discover which strategy is likely to result in providing you with the compensation you need and deserve to recover, especially if you’re found to not be at fault for the actual accident or collision. If you’re seriously injured due to a car crash you recently experienced, it’ll also be much easier to spend more time focusing on your recovery rather than bothering with the tedious elements of filing paperwork and legal documents when you do so with a professional attorney by your side.

Find a Mechanic or Body Shop Near You

After a car crash, you’ll want to find a local auto repair technician near you for proper accident advice, especially when it comes to repairs, part replacements, and the totaling of cars or trucks similar to your own. Similarly when you’re searching for traffic violation lawyers to hire, you’ll also want to find a body mechanic or auto shop that is trustworthy, credible, licensed, and professional. To find a suitable mechanic or body shop near you, ask those in your community who have experience with various locations to feel much more confident in your decision.

The right mechanic should not only be experienced with your type of car or truck, but also licensed, certified, and insured to work in a professional capacity in your city and state. Always verify the legitimacy of an operation before placing an investment, such as your own vehicle, in their hands. Protecting yourself is imperative after you’ve been in a car crash, especially if you’re feeling vulnerable or if you’re still on your healing journey.

If you want to feel more comfortable with any body shop or mechanic you choose to hire, you can do so by taking some time to find reviews and testimonials from the providers and companies near you. Researching mechanics and body shops online will provide you with an overview of the type of work each provides, a portfolio, and the overall quality of the craftsmanship each delivers. Referencing portfolios can also help you feel much more comfortable once you make a decision based on the extent of the repair job you need for your car or truck.

Seek Physical Therapy or Rehab as Necessary

Some of the most crucial accident advice you’ll receive from your doctor, lawyer, and even your local mechanic is to seek physical therapy rehab programs as quickly as possible after being involved in a serious car crash. Tending to your body’s muscles, joints, and any damage you’ve sustained as quickly as possible will help you repair your body and heal faster. Working with the right physical rehab specialist is also a way for you to regain your strength as you work towards boosting your immune system. Consistent rehabilitation programs and therapy appointments can help you regain a sense of normalcy even if you’ve sustained life-threatening injuries in your latest car crash accident.

Consider Seeking Compensation to Assist With Your Recovery

If you were hurt, injured, or even severely disabled due to a car accident you were involved in due to no fault of your own, it’s likely time to seek compensation to assist with your recovery process. Whether you’ve been ordered to undergo physical therapy, rehab, or surgery, you will likely require time off work and additional funds to cover the expenses necessary to make a complete and full recovery. If you believe your injuries were caused or sustained due to the fault of another driver, you’ll want to work with your retained lawyer to determine which course of action is best to take to obtain the compensation you’re seeking and that you feel entitled to at the time.

Your attorney will work with you to better assess your situation to help with recovering the compensation you need based on the extent of the injuries you’ve sustained and how much the accident itself has impacted your livelihood and way of life. Presenting evidence, medical records, and proof to the court will be part of the attorney’s job once you retain a lawyer to represent you. Your attorney will also review your chances of receiving compensation based on your surroundings and the presented evidence.

Turning to lawyers and professionals for accident advice after you’ve been in a car crash is always recommended, regardless of the root cause of the collision or accident itself. The right lawyers and attorneys will not only provide you with accident advice during your consultation, but they can also walk you through the process of filing appropriate claims while working as a mediator and negotiator on your behalf throughout the case in its entirety. With the right legal team and professionals you can trust by your side, you can spend more time focusing on healing and making a full recovery as your legal specialists work to obtain the compensation you deserve.