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So You Need New Tires? Here Is What You Need to Know

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Tire replacement

Whenever you get an oil change, the mechanics probably tell you that you either need a new air filter, new brakes, or new tires. They don’t do this to aggravate you. They do it to help you keep your vehicle in good, and safe condition. Air filters can typically be put off, but new tires shouldn’t be, and brakes are another article altogether. However, before you go down to the tire shop to buy yourself a new set, you should learn a bit more about tire basics.

Not sure when to change your tires?

You shouldn’t be waiting for the auto shop to be telling you that it’s time for new tires, although this is often the case for most car owners. You can be proactive, and check the wear and tear on your tires occasionally to be sure that they aren’t at a dangerous level. There are inspection tools tha


Why Your Executives Need a Car Service on Their Next Business Trip

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Airport transfers

In almost any industry, a business trip should be an exciting event for an executive. Usually, these trips hold the promise of an exciting and thought-provoking convention, or a business meeting that could generate new opportunities for the company. Unfortunately, travel arrangements, or a lack thereof, can put all of these potential gains at risk. To make a business trip as successful as it can possibly be, your company should hire a car service for your executives, and here are three big reasons why.

Prevent a meeting mishap.

If you have ever tried to flag down a taxi in a big city, then you know that there are never any available when you are running late. Public transportation can also frequently be behind schedule, or can be hard to interpret when you’re not used to the quirks and in