So You Need New Tires? Here Is What You Need to Know

Vehicles today have many advanced systems and components that keep them running, but few are as vital as the tires. Without good tires, your vehicle will not get very far and you will be at risk for a major accident if you are driving with poor tires on your vehicle. Keeping your tires in good shape and replacing them when needed is a vital part of vehicle ownership and maintenance. New tires can get quite expensive, but thankfully, opting for used tires can still give you an upgrade to your current tires without putting out as much money.

When it comes to road safety, any tire with good tread is better than a tire that is mostly bald and smooth. So, if you get used tires that have more tread and traction than your current tires, that is still an upgrade and an improvement in your vehicle’s safety. When you need to get better tires and are checking the local auto tire depot or auto tire repair shop, be sure to ask about any used tire options that they may currently have available. You can also usually find auto tires for sale online as a convenient way to get tires ordered and delivered right to you for a DIY tire upgrade.

Tire replacement

Whenever you get an oil change, the mechanics probably tell you that you either need a new air filter, new brakes, or new tires. They don’t do this to aggravate you. They do it to help you keep your vehicle in good, and safe condition. Air filters can typically be put off, but new tires shouldn’t be, and brakes are another article altogether. However, before you go down to the tire shop to buy yourself a new set, you should learn a bit more about tire basics.

Not sure when to change your tires?

You shouldn’t be waiting for the auto shop to be telling you that it’s time for new tires, although this is often the case for most car owners. You can be proactive, and check the wear and tear on your tires occasionally to be sure that they aren’t at a dangerous level. There are inspection tools that you can use on the tire, but you can also use the Penny Test. To do this, just insert a penny into different tread areas on your tires, with Lincoln’s head pointing downwards. At least a portion of his head should always be covered by the tread. If you can see all of Lincoln’s head, that means that the tread is very worn, and should be replaced. Besides replacing a tire due to wear and tear, tires should always be replaced if they have been damaged.

Finding the right tires is simple.

Did you know that there are actually tools online that can make it incredibly simple to find new tires? All you need to do is put your car’s make and model in, as well as any other features that you want, and you will be presented with a list of basic and premium tires to choose from. However, you can also rely on the expertise of a tire shop to select new tires for you. If you choose instead to pick out new tires for yourself, then there are a few points that you need to stick to.

  • Load-carrying capacity should be the same on the new tires as it was on the old.
  • The new tires should be approved for use on your particular vehicle.
  • Put the placard for the new tires inside your car door so that you will know the proper tire pressure.

Regular tire maintenance is a crucial part of car ownership that, unfortunately, many people neglect. Proper and consistent tire rotation can increase the longevity of your tires, but it’s also up to you to manage air pressure in the tire to prevent under or over-inflation. It’s also important to know that tires, even if they are not worn, won’t last forever. Many tire manufacturers will give a suggested expiration date, because over time the elements can weaken the rubber, putting your tires at risk of a blowout. Even though you now know when to change tires, and a few of the basics around how to maintain and select new tires, a tire shop could still be a valuable resource. Remember to take good care of your tires, and to find suitable replacements with the time comes in order to protect your vehicle and your safety.