Don’t Let a Handicap Keep You From Owning the Road


When you think about people who customize motorcycles, you probably think that they are adding expertly painted flames, reckless handlebars, special exhaust systems, or new engine guards. However, there are also people who customize motorcycles to make them safer, to make them more comfortable to ride, and also to make them more handicap accessible. Custom motorcycle builders can turn your average Harley or Suzuki into a one-of-a-kind ride that is easier, and safer to operate, especially for a person with limited mobility. To customize motorcycles for better accessibility, there are two aspects in particular that need to be considered.

Custom Motorcycle Frames

One popular customization for handicapped riders is to turn a two-wheeler into a trike. This involves modifying the motorcycle frame to accommodate two extra wheels which stabilize the vehicle, and often give it an open frame design that increases rider accessibility. Some trikes even allow for a wheelchair to mount to the driver seat, or to fit in behind the seat for safe storage. Other modifications to a motorcycle frame might be the addition of a sidecar, which will allow a passenger, whether they are handicapped or not, to also enjoy a ride.

Custom Motorcycle Parts

Paraplegic riders, amputees, or individuals with limited hand or leg mobility will find that trying to ride an unconverted motorcycle is very dangerous due to the positioning of brakes and other controls. Normally, the use of motorcycle brakes requires both hands, and gear shifting might require the use of legs and feet. Push-button shifters are one option that can make a motorcycle safer to operate, and other rewiring and re-configurations can make it possible for just about anyone to operate a motorcycle.

Custom motorcycles can be more than just the addition of a new engine guard, psychotic scoop, or paint job. A custom motorcycle is a transformation of your standard bike into a bike that fits its rider perfectly, no matter what their shape or ability. All you need to do is find a company that will build custom motorcycles for individuals with physical handicaps. They will likely already have the expertise and the parts needed to let you take that motorcycle out of storage, and get it back on the road.