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4 Things You Should Know About Car Interlock Devices

Written by Free Car Magazine. Posted in Ignition interlock, Ignition interlock az, Interlock phoenix

Car breathalyzer

Did you know that alcohol related crashes cost the U.S. about $59 billion every year? That?s a lot of money, and it doesn?t come close to touching the cost of injury and death. Alcohol related crashes can change lives forever, and can be a big weight on your soul if you?re the one who ends up killing someone?s daughter, husband, grandparent, etc.

If you?ve been arrested for drunk driving, you may want to think of this as a second chance rather than just a punishment. Subsequently, it might be time for you to purchase an interlock device in order to comply with a court order. While this can seem annoying, in reality, it?s amazing that we even have this technology available to us today. This is a way to ensure that you?re always going to be driving safely, not risking the safety of yourself and others –