4 Things You Should Know About Car Interlock Devices

Car breathalyzer

Did you know that alcohol related crashes cost the U.S. about $59 billion every year? That?s a lot of money, and it doesn?t come close to touching the cost of injury and death. Alcohol related crashes can change lives forever, and can be a big weight on your soul if you?re the one who ends up killing someone?s daughter, husband, grandparent, etc.

If you?ve been arrested for drunk driving, you may want to think of this as a second chance rather than just a punishment. Subsequently, it might be time for you to purchase an interlock device in order to comply with a court order. While this can seem annoying, in reality, it?s amazing that we even have this technology available to us today. This is a way to ensure that you?re always going to be driving safely, not risking the safety of yourself and others — and not risking your future with a single bad decision made in the haze of drinking.

Here?s what you should know about these devices.

It?s Not a Zero Sum Game

Manufacturers understand that there are often mitigating circumstances. You don?t want to be banned from driving your car just for having some cough syrup or a rum cake. Typical ignition interlock devices will only prevent you from driving if you score 0.02 or higher, rather than 0.0. Of course, this can be different depending on what the judge has ordered for your specific case.

Car Breathalyzers Do Help

The statistics don?t lie; interlock devices help to prevent repeat offenses. Offenders who never use an interlock device are 38% more likely to have a repeat offense on their record, than interlock device users — even interlock users who have had their device removed. In other words, the device helps build awareness for the future.

Not Just One Blow

Obviously, it?s possible — if you?re really committed to the idea of drinking and driving, which you shouldn?t be — to start drinking once you?ve already blown into the device and are driving. However, you won?t get away with it. Most devices now require you to perform a ?rolling retest? five to 15 minutes into the drive. This also ensures that you can?t easily get someone else to take the test for you (not that anyone ever should do this, and hopefully your friends and family will try and help hold you accountable for your actions).

Discreet Breathalyzer

Getting caught drunk driving is embarrassing, and you might not want your friends, family or employer to know about it if they don?t have to. Luckily, many companies sell interlock cups that successfully hide the presence of the interlock device in your car. Just don’t offer to share your drink with your buddy, or they might be in for a surprise!