3 Important Facts About Car Breathalyzer Devices

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Did you know that if you have a BAC below 0.08, you can still be arrested and convicted of DUI in several states? Not surprisingly, the laws surrounding drinking and driving are pretty severe — and they?re not the type of laws you want to get caught flaunting.

For this reason, car breathalyzers have become popular devices for many people to have — not just people who have had to already go through the court system after a DUI. It can be a very effective tool, after all, for preventing future DUIs — which can lead to court dates, a license suspension or loss, et cetera.

Have you been considering getting a breathalyzer for your vehicle? Here are a few things you should keep in mind.

1. Interlocks are Very Effective

Ignition interlock devices prevents a car?s engine from starting up if the alcohol sensing devices registers an alcohol level about a specific pre-set level; in most cases, this is .02 BAC. These can be incredibly effective — about 150,000 are already in place in the U.S. as the result of drivers receiving multiple convictions. Interlock devices typically result in a 70% reduction in arrest rates for alcohol impaired driving — which can also lead to lives saved.

2. Car Breathalyzer Prices

Everyone wants to know how much a car breathalyzer costs! It depends on the device, and the accuracy of the device itself. Many people who willingly buy breathalyzers in order to keep themselves safe buy ?pocket versions? that tend to be more affordable, available for less than $100. If you need an interlock device because of a court mandate, though, car breathalyzer prices will be around $200 for installation and then there will be a monthly fee for maintenance as well.

3. Interlock Cup

Things happen. You got caught driving drunk, and the court said you needed an interlock device installed. That?s all well and good — and will likely keep you out of trouble — but it?s not exactly a subtle device, and a lot of people are likely to ask questions about what, exactly, you have in your car — something you might not want co-workers, family members, or casual acquaintances to know about. In this case, you can opt for things like the interlock cup, which can fit over your interlock device and cleverly disguise it.

Do you have any addition questions about how car breathalyzers work?