How Wrap Cut Tape Helps Vehicle Advertising Pop

wrap cut tapeWhen most people think of advertising, they generally consider more traditional mediums: billboards, TV commercials, radio ads, and perhaps even inbound marketing tactics used online. But very few would think to name the advertisements they see on vehicles first.

Although it may surprise some people, vehicle wraps advertising products and services are fairly common for businesses of all sizes. There are approximately 252.6 million vehicles on the road in the United States, and sales increased by 16% between 2014 and 2015 alone. Furthermore, a good portion of these are used for commercial purposes. Take, for example, a construction firm. Although 31% of these firms choose Ford pickup trucks above other makes, the vast majority of all construction companies will advertise their business on their vehicles.

The easiest way for any type of company to add their logo, contact information, or other data about their business to a vehicle is to use a vehicle wrap. Yet once a wrap is created for a car, truck, or SUV, it needs to be applied as flawlessly as possible. The best way to do this is with a wrap cut tape.

Wrap cut tapes have been used as problem-solving tools for vehicle wraps all over the United States. Wrap cut tapes enable for the creation of new possibilities in the design of these advertisements, such as the utilization of overlapping vinyl surfaces. Another distinct advantage of this product is that it can reduce the amount of film needed to apply the wrap, and it is makes the application process simple.

Wrap Cut Utilization: A How-To

  1. When using wrap cut tape, put the tape with the filament-bearing edge placed down on the desired line.
  2. Apply the vinyl film to the designated surface. Make sure that there are no air bubbles and that the edges or overlapping images line up correctly.
  3. Pull the filament out and through the vinyl. Follow any other instructions that may be specific to the wrap you’re applying.

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