Charter Bus Travel Is a Perfect Option for Groups of Many Sizes

Charter bus services

The charter bus is booked for the Somerville, Tennessee, trip. A total of 42 youth and 15 adults will load the motor coach at 7:00 am. With a one hour stop for lunch planned along the way, the group plans to make it all of the way from Omaha, Nebraska, to Jonesboro, Arkansas by 6:30 pm on the first day of travel. The decision to charter a bus played a major part in the scheduling. Traveling together with a professional bus driver allows the adults in the group to create a detailed plan for the high school students traveling to church work camp.
Once they arrive at their destination later Sunday afternoon the group will divide into their devotion groups for both small and large group activities. First thing Monday morning, the charter bus service will help deliver crews to their assigned job sites. The process will be a little hectic on that first morning, but by the end of the week it will become routine.
By the next Saturday the group will reload the charter bus and return to Nebraska. Although the comfort of the air conditioning and the roomy seats will fill great the entire trip, the participants will likely really enjoy them on the trip home. After an exhausting week of painting, building, cleaning and remodeling in the hot Tennessee weather, the travelers will be both exhausted and energized for the ride home. The decision to charter a bus will allow for the group to divide during the long drive home, weary travelers in back sleeping, those with energy to burn up front where they can watch a movie, talk nonstop, and relive the week.
Does Your Group Need to Charter a Bus for an Upcoming Trip?
Charter bus services and charter bus tours are the perfect option for many different travel needs. Whether you are a retired couple looking for a vacation option that lets you see the sites while someone else does the driving or you are the youth director of a large church group, making the decision to charter a bus solves a lot of problems.
Let someone else do the driving. First, the driving is taken care of by trained professionals. Both tour guide and host, many charter bus drivers are so personable that they are specifically requested by groups who take yearly trips. Additionally, these drivers are often very knowledgable about the locations where they are traveling. And, if they are not, they have the resources of the charter bus company to turn to for any questions that need to be answered.
Comfortable seating makes for more enjoyable travel. Whether you are traveling with a group of retirees or a group of high school band students, comfort is important. And while school bus options may initially seem more affordable, it is difficult to put a price take on comfort. Reclining seats with overhead storing options make for quick miles on long distance trips. There is a reason why college athletic teams so often rely on charter bus services. Traveling in comfort allows the passengers to arrive rested and ready for the upcoming event. cheap travel does not do much for you if you arrive at your destination exhausted and sore from cramped, uncomfortable seating.
Many of the comforts of home. Today’s charter bus lines offer top of the line extras. Seats with electrical outlets are a must for today;s travelers. The opportunity to charge a phone or a personal DVD player is an important option. In addition, WiFi service is available on many of today;s charter lines. Add in the fact that the buses provide ample amounts of storage below the vehicle and you allow travelers to enjoy their space instead of having to make room for overnight bags and suitcases. Surround sound systems that are part of DVD projection screens allow travelers to watch some of their favorite movies, or watch videos about the next tourist stop, while they travel.
The combination of motor coach travel and tourist demand generates as much as $55 billion a year. In addition to pumping money into local economies, charter bus travel emits the least amount of carbon dioxide per passenger mile when compared to other transportation forms. Ready to hit the road?