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4 Ways to Increase Your Competitiveness in the Used Car Industry

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Although the used car industry is a successful business as whole, it can also be a very competitive one. Even if you have a full inventory of the best used vehicles for sale, you still need customers to purchase those vehicles. Many used car dealerships struggle to stay profitable because of a flooded market. There are used car lots on every corner in some neighborhoods. How can you stay competitive and continue to bring in interested and strong used vehicle leads in today?s market?

Internet marketing

The internet has taken over almost every industry of business. With the internet being so important, you really cannot be competitive if you do not have an internet presence. Even as a used car dealership, you have to find ways to connect with your current and potential customers via the internet.


Why You Should Replace Your Vehicle’s Carpeting if it’s More Than Ten Years Old

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Fleece trunk mat

If you haven’t been paying much attention to the interior carpeting of your vehicle, maybe you should. Given the amount of time we spend in our cars, the interiors should be clean and healthy places. However, between highway pollution, food and drink spills, and tracked dirt and mud, your vehicle’s floor mats and trunk mats take a real beating. Replacing your auto carpets can make a big difference to the interior and overall quality of your vehicle.

Vehicle interiors: the facts
Unfortunately, it’s a fact that vehicle interiors are actually very polluted and germy places. That’s because all the pollution you encounter on the highway and the germs that live on food and drink spills find vehicle interiors congenial places. Your feet track in dirt, mud and other stuff that you


Three Things People Often Forget While Planning a Wedding

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Wine tour transportation company

Congrats on your engagement! Finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with is a huge deal. Arguably, the second most complicated decision of your life. The second, we say? That’s right. The second. The first most complicated task in your life is without a doubt the toughest of your life is going to be planning that darn wedding to make your commitment official.

Planning a wedding is hard. There are about one hundred and fifty thousand things you have to keep track of. You have to choose a dress. A bridal party. A caterer. A florist. Stationary to write thank you cards on. Getting a room block for out of town guests. Things are going to fall through the cracks. It’s inevitable. We want to make sure the things that fall through the cracks aren’t the important things. H


Are You an Adventurer? Three Types Of Jeeps That Are Right For You

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Chrysler dealer ames

Jeeps are amazing cars. As of 2008, 12.32 million people living in a household owned a jeep and in 2014, Jeep increased its 2013 sales by 39% selling a total of 1.02 million vehicles globally. That?s a lot of Jeeps!

But even though Jeeps are a great family vehicle and are best for those summer camping trips, the question remains for those seeking a new car: what kind of Jeep is best for you and your family?

Here are three types of Jeeps to consider:

The Jeep Wrangler Sport

While there are advantages to buying a new car, there are also advantages to buying used cars from a used car dealer. One of those advantages is pricing: the Jeep Wrangler Sport is


Victoria’s Secret Supermodel Rents Party Bus

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Party bus fresno

Lily Aldridge, famous Victoria?s Secret model, recently arrived at the Met Gala using an interesting method of transportation. This supermodel took a party bus to arrive at this event! It took three people to hold this supermodel?s train as she stood to arrive in grand fashion. This model wore she wore a stunning white Ralph Lauren gown. Aldridge also wore boots that were from the Balenciaga store located in Soho.

The Met Gala is a yearly event held for fundraising purposes concerning the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This gala is usually an event known for displaying many great fashion pieces. Each year there is a theme and a red car