Three Things People Often Forget While Planning a Wedding

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Congrats on your engagement! Finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with is a huge deal. Arguably, the second most complicated decision of your life. The second, we say? That’s right. The second. The first most complicated task in your life is without a doubt the toughest of your life is going to be planning that darn wedding to make your commitment official.

Planning a wedding is hard. There are about one hundred and fifty thousand things you have to keep track of. You have to choose a dress. A bridal party. A caterer. A florist. Stationary to write thank you cards on. Getting a room block for out of town guests. Things are going to fall through the cracks. It’s inevitable. We want to make sure the things that fall through the cracks aren’t the important things. Here are a few things that people often forget while planning their wedding, that we want to make sure you don’t:

Three Things People Often Forget While Planning a Wedding

    1. Wedding Day Travel
      It might not seem like an important task, but setting up the right wedding day travel will make your entire day go smoother. Planning a wedding is similar to trying to herd cats. You have a lot of moving pieces and you need all of them to go in the same direction at the same time. There’s a good chance that your wedding will be at one location and the reception will be at another. Even if it isn’t, you’ll need to get your wedding party from the hotel to the venue where you’re hosting your wedding, and then to the location where you’re taking photos. If you don’t have wedding day travel arranged so that all of your bridal party and family of the bride and groom have limos to usher them to the place they’re supposed to be when they’re supposed to be there, you’ll find yourself waiting around because the maid of honor got lost on the way or the mother of the groom ran out of gas.

      Arranging limo services for your wedding day isn’t just for the fun of it. Your wedding day travel will make sure that all the important people are in the right place at the right time.

    1. A Master of Events

      If you have a wedding planner involved in your big day, you can skip right past this one. Since only about 30% of brides hire a wedding planner, the majority of you should pay attention to this. On your wedding day, you’re going to have a lot going on. You’ll be seeing friends and family that you never see. You’ll be making the biggest commitment of your life. You’ll be a ball of nerves. If you have to oversee the events in addition to getting married, you’re going to find yourself stressed to the max. You’ll have less fun and a ton of things are going to fall through the cracks.

      Select a person who is close enough to you to understand what you need and want, without being in the actual wedding party. Give them the title of “Master of Events.” This person is responsible for overseeing the schedule and making sure the important people are in the right place at the right time. When it’s time to cut the cake, the cake servers and the champagne glasses will be there, because you have a person overseeing it all.

  1. A Wedding Binder

    Even if you have the photographic memory that the dude from the Rainmaker has, you’re going to forget one thing or another. Because planning a wedding involve seven hundred million things. That’s how it is.

    Don’t try to keep track of everything on your own. You need to set up a wedding binder, and let the binder do the work for you. Create tabs for the milestones before the wedding (such as “Six Months” and “Three Months” and “One Week”). Each milestone tab should include a list of tasks that need to be done by that time frame, and pockets for documents that you’ll need to keep track of for those tasks. Don’t rely on your brain to keep track of everything. Let your binder be your brain.

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