Are You Worried That Your Teen Will Drive After Drinking?

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A recent television commercial features a handsome young man who is doing really well at his job. After receiving promotion after promotion for his good work, the television commercial goes on to move into a new upscale condominium, buy a new car, and travel to exciting places in the world. The next quick snapshots go on to show this successful young man enjoying evenings out on the town, weekends at local sporting events, and early mornings at a well equipped health club.
The next part of the commercial shows the young man leaving a party with a woman who he just met and jumping in a car. Even though the driver had several drinks just before leaving, he is still jangling his keys getting ready to take his new lady home to his new and impressive apartment. Just a few blocks after leaving, however, he is


3 Important Facts About Car Breathalyzer Devices

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Did you know that if you have a BAC below 0.08, you can still be arrested and convicted of DUI in several states? Not surprisingly, the laws surrounding drinking and driving are pretty severe — and they?re not the type of laws you want to get caught flaunting.

For this reason, car breathalyzers have become popular devices for many people to have — not just people who have had to already go through the court system after a DUI. It can be a very effective tool, after all, for preventing future DUIs — which can lead to court dates, a license suspension or loss, et cetera.

Have you been considering getting a breathalyzer for your vehicle? Here are a few things you should