Auto Dealers Offer Both New and Used Cars in Many Price Ranges

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This is the weekend when all of the days of looking at cars for sale pays off!
As you prepare to leave for a long weekend in Louisiana, you have three drivers and two cars for the trip.
Although you originally sent your daughter to college without a car, you recently found a great vehicle for her. So while this trip is a chance to travel from Iowa to Louisiana to enjoy some warmer weather and attend Homecoming festivities, you are also using this trip as a chance to deliver a car to your daughter.
Like anything that he does, your husband spent many days on the internet and on car lots looking for the right purchase. During his search he was on the lookout for both new cars for sale or for lease, as well as used cars for sale. Because your daughter goes to school 12 hours from home, you both wanted to make sure that whatever purchase you made would be reliable. For that reason, your husband wanted to be certain that he was working with auto dealers who had a great reputation for standing behind the vehicles that they sell.
Two cars down. One car back. And you know that you will have a very happy college student who will be thrilled to have her own set of wheels again!

  • According to IHS Markit research, more than 20 million vehicles on the road by the year 2021 will be over 25 years old.
  • No one want to look for used cars for sale from an auto dealer who does not have a good reputation.
  • In the year 2016, light trucks sales increased more than 7%. In fact, 60.6% of the vehicle sales that year in the U.S. were light trucks. Cars, on the other hand, made a much smaller 39.4% of sales.
  • College campuses are not always set up for students having cars. At some schools, however, parking is affordable and having your own car can be a real advantage to a student.
  • Estimates indicate that he average vehicle will have three owners in its lifetime.
  • Research shows that nearly 40 million used cars exchange hands each year between dealership sales and private-party transactions..
  • In the year 2016, certified pre-owned sales reached a record 2.6 million units.
  • Drivers sometimes have a preference to a certain car maker, while others are simply looking for the best deal.
  • Every car that you consider comes with several available options and is available in many different prices. It is important to have a list of your top priorities before you ever start looking.

If you are looking for A NICE RIDE for a son or daughter who is going away for college, you have probably spend some time on both car lots and websites looking for the best deal. Knowing that you have a reliable vehicle, especially if your student is far away, is a parent’s biggest goal when it comes to a college car. Whether you are looking for used vehicles or you have the option of buying something new, buying from a reputable source is a must.
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