Categories of Food-Grade Oil

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Chevron food grade oils are lubricants used in the food industry. These light grade oils can get into contact with human food because of leaks, excess lubrication, or during routine maintenance of food making machines. Food grade oils or greases qualify to be NSF H1 food-grade lubricants when at least 10mg of the oil per kilogram of food doesn’t cause any physiological problem to the consumer or cause any bad taste or odor. Chevron food grade oils are classified according to the NSF International Standards, and there are five categories of food-grade oils, which include: H1, H2, 3H, H3, and HT1.

This post presents to you the five conventional Chevron food grade oils used in most food industries.

H1 – Lubricating Oils with Incidental Foodstuff Contact

These are oil preparations used as antirust agents that also act as lubricants. They may also get used as tank closure seals or as release agents in gaskets where there is possible incidental food contact. These f