Charge Faster With A 5 20 plug adapter

Are you looking to buy a quick-charge adaptor? The 5 20 plug adapter discussed in this video will be one you will like using.

The new 5 20 plug adapter is a unique product made explicitly for EVSE Adapters.

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It allows you to charge your Tesla Model 3, Model S, or Model X using 5-20 outlets. The 5 20 plug adapter is a more significant amperage variant of the standard 120V wall outlet.

It generally comprises a T-shaped slot on one side to handle 5-20 plugs and the more conventional 5-15 plugs. The adapter is ideal for walls that have a voltage of 120V. The adapter features an integrated circuit that analyzes the plug’s temperature and interacts with the vehicle to autonomously determine the necessary 16 amp load current.

When using the pug, you do not need to adjust the current manually. All you need is to plug it in, and it will do the rest. The length of the cable is 12 inches. It has a thicker cable for optimal performance, and it is easier to get a good grip while connecting and removing it from the mobile connector on your Tesla vehicle.