Dealing With Car Dents and Paint Damage

The automotive industry is enormous around the world, and the top automotive nations such as the United States, Germany, and Japan produce tens of millions of cars every single year. Every year, tens of millions of news and used cars alike are bought, and there are many models and makes to choose from for sedans, SUVs, pickup trucks, and jeeps. But the automotive industry goes beyond just buying a vehicle; it also covers the customization and repair of those vehicles, too. After all, a car is a complex piece of machinery, and sometimes it gets worn out or suffers impact damage. Even the car’s paint job might need some work sometimes. Hail dent removal is always a possibility at a local auto shop, and crews can perform some ent repair or even paintless dent repair if requested. Car dent repair is just one way to fix a car; touching up the paint might be necessary, too.

Hail Dent Removal and More

The body of a car or pickup up truck will sometimes suffer dents, scrapes, and more during the car’s operation. Short of getting totaled, a car can be taken into the shop for hail dent removal and more. If a car is not protected inside a garage or under a roof, then it may be exposed to hail. Sufficiently large hail pieces may strike the car and dent its body, and hail might also crack its windshield in some cases. Hail as large as baseballs has occurred before, and such large, hard projectiles will wreak havoc on a car. Most hail is smaller than that, often the size of peas or olives, but in many cases, hail dent removal may be necessary. After all, such dents are unsightly, and they also disrupt the aerodynamic nature of the car as it moves. Other collisions, such as glancing blows against other cars or property, might also put large dents into a car’s body.

This is a part of the larger vehicle repair industry, and problems such as busted headlights or damaged bumpers are a part of it, too. How many cars need fixing today? It is estimated that over half of all cars that need repair are not getting such repairs done, and this only hampers the vehicle’s performance and appearance more. Car owner are urged to find a local repair shop, and the good news is that there are plenty to choose from across the United States. As of 2016, a total of 228,400 different motor vehicle repair and maintenance shops could be found across the country, and professional crews are always ready and willing to help out. Dents can be pounded out of a vehicle’s body to help restore its appearance and aerodynamic function, and this can be a real relief for a car owner.


No car is complete without a coat of paint, and there are many different shades to choose from. Cars also have sealant, or protective layers to keep the paint in good shape, but some trauma can threaten the paint. What might happen that could mar a car’s paint job? A heavy tree branch might fall onto a car, and its branches and twigs can scratch the paint all over. Paint might wear out and start rusting the metal underneath, and a glancing blow against another car or property may also scrape off some paint. And of course, there is the threat of “keying.” This is the deliberate act of dragging a key or other item across a car’s body to put ugly scratches on it; vandalism, to put it simply.

Some car owners have the skills to touch up their car’s paint on their own. They can find out the car’s paint color code by checking a sticker on the barrier between the engine and passenger compartments, and order the paint online. The car owner may sand off the worn out paint, then apply primer. Once that is dry, the owner may apply a few paint layers and then sealant to finish the job. Otherwise, car owners can take their vehicle to the nearest auto shop and ask that the crews there perform this same function for a fee.