Find Car Oil Change Locations That Recycle

Engine oil change places

Are you looking for the best car oil change locations? You understand the need to change the oil regularly so that your car engine will continue to run smoothly. Any internal combustion engine requires regular oil changes. Vehicles with these types of engines include cars, boats, motorcycles, construction vehicles and more. Oil functions to assist with engine starts, friction protection, protection against corrosion and rust, and helping to keep the parts of the engine clean.
When choosing car oil change locations, there are some facts about motor oil you may find interesting. Before oil came in plastic bottles, which occurred in the 1980s, motor oil came in glass bottles, metal cans, and cardboard cans.
When determining car oil change locations, you might not realize that oil does not wear out, it merely becomes dirty. This is why it is important to use car oil change locations that have a recycling program. Having a recycling program can help lower the environmental impact of oil. Drivers in the United States alone produce about 1.3 billion of gallons of used motor oil each year, including that from car oil change locations. According to the EPA, two gallons of used oil when recycled, is enough to meet the electricity needs of the average home for 24 hours. About 50% of motor oil in Europe is recycled, compared to a mere 10% to 15% in the United States.
You should also ensure that car oil change locations you are considering are not disposing of old oil incorrectly. If dumped in waterways, oil can form scum on top of the water and will prevent sunlight and oxygen from getting to the water. This can cause fish, frogs, plants, and other types of marine life to die. The best oil change places will always dispose of oil properly.
You should make sure that car oil change locations use the proper techniques to change your oil. They also need to ensure that the proper levels of oil are added to your car. If too little oil is placed in the engine, it can cause excessively high oil temperatures that can damage your engine.
Ask possible car oil change locations about their recycling policies and their oil change experience to ensure that you are protecting the environment, as well as your car.
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