Finding Your Next CarConsidering Used Auto Dealers

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Used car dealerships are springing up in every town and city at the very blink of an eye. The fact is that every year 40 million used cars are bought and sold, either by private party or from one dealer to another. This fact maintains the constant flow of merchandise in the category of used car sales that causes this business to be constantly growing.

When considering the purchase of a new car, many people will decide to go the route of buying a used vehicle. For the best car buying experience, customers will usually choose to go to a local used auto dealer who is well established and has a good reputation. A reputable used auto dealer will often provide opportunity for financing through several banks that they themselves work with. In this way they can give their customers the best deal available. The dealership will, in addition, offer the customer a choice of well maintained vehicles that have undergone a complete tune up and detailing. They will have gone through the dealership’s shop, so to speak, in order to be checked for any problems that would ultimately affect its potential sale in a negative way. The car is then cleaned, or detailed, both inside and out, in order to give it a new car shine. In spite of the age of a vehicle, used cars sold through a reliable dealership are typically as good as new.

A typical used car sold through a dealership is no more than four or five years old, according to studies completed recently. It is usually more difficult for a customer to be given financing by a bank for a car that is older than five years; therefore, a dealership, in order to get the best choice of financing opportunities for their customers, will stock used cars within the age of five years.

Individuals who make the decision to purchase a used car from a used auto dealer will usually go somewhere local, within, or close to, the town or city they live in. Often, when it comes to warranties, servicing the car in the future will be offered at certain discounts through the dealership. Therefore, being able to stay right in the customer’s own home vicinity will make the actual purchase that much more attractive.

A certified pre owned car, or CPO, is usually a later model used car that is classified differently than other used cars. The classification is different because they have been inspected and refurbished, and then certified by a type of certifying authority, typically a manufacturer. Certified pre owned cars are often sold with benefits such as special financing, extended warranties, and other exclusive offers.

The purchase of a certified pre owned car is an attractive consideration to those thinking about the purchase of a used vehicle. CPO programs began in the 1990’s when people began returning their leased cars to dealerships. The number of leased vehicles returned kept growing, and dealerships realized that these were cars that customers would consider buying.

A CPO vehicle must meet certain requirements. It must be less than five years old and the odometer must read less than 75,000 miles. In addition, it must have been with the previous customer for a time span of at least twelve months. Upon meeting all of these conditions, the car is then given a 112 point inspection. Any repairs needed will be made, bringing the car as close as possible to its condition when it was new. The inspection and repair is done by a mechanic who is trained and certified for that type of vehicle. The car is then offered for sale, and will typically include a limited warranty that will cover certain repairs. Depending upon the dealership, different coverages are available with the warranty. Some will include the air conditioning, the powertrain, and possibly the electrical system. Other benefits are offered upon the sale of the car, such as roadside assistance. All of these offers together raise the allure of the deal.

Customers often search the internet for a good used auto dealer and look through its particular offers and information. When the customer sees what they like, they will venture out to see more.