Getting New Tires for Your Car

The owner of any motor vehicle is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of that vehicle, from its oil filter and brake pads to pounding out dents in the body. Don’t forget the wheels, either, which should not be taken for granted. All sorts of trauma might harm the car’s rims or tires, and damaged or old tires will cause all sorts of problems. So, a car owner can have their tires rotated regularly and have old or damaged tires replaced when needed, and even relatively cheap tires will be better than shoddy old ones. Gently used tires or other cheap tires may be a fine budget option for replacing a punctured tire, while specialized or expensive tires can totally transform how a car performs. What is there to know about tire care, and the rims that the tires are fitted on? Sometimes, those rims will need care of their own.

Keeping Tires in Good Shape

Even if a car’s tires do not suffer from a horrible puncture or vandalism, they are going to wear out over time. Regular tire rotation can help slow down this effect, but at some point, old tires need to be replaced. For example, old tires are going to start slowly but constantly deflating, and this will happen even if the owner pump them back up with air a few times. Old, deflated tires are too soft and floppy, and this makes them sloppy and awkward to drive on. At the very least, these tires reduce the car’s gas mileage since they are not firm, and at worst, they may cause a car to go out of control or increase the odds of a traffic accident. Many car accidents involved one or more vehicles that had very old, deflated tires on it. Meanwhile, these old tires also have worn down grips and treads, so they are too slick, especially when they drive on rainy or icy roads. That, too, can be hazardous. Finally, these old tires may get punctured or rupture more easily when they run over hard or sharp objects such as tree branches or rocks, or even the curb.

A tire that suffered a minor puncture might be repaired, and the car owner can bring their vehicle to a tire shop and ask for a repair job. If possible, the puncturing object can be removed, and the tire’s hole will be patched up. But if the damage is severe or in a bad spot on the tire, total replacement of that tire is necessary.

Tire rotation can keep these tires in good shape for a longer time, and a car owner should keep a log noting the date and the odometer reading whenever this is done, so they know when they should have it done again. Some car owners simply have the tires rotated every time the car gets its oil changed. And what about putting on new tires? Even fairly cheap tires can do a fine job, and some of these budget-friendly, cheap tires may be designed for winter driving, having good grips for ice and snow on the road. In fact, some parts of Canada legally mandate that drivers get winter tires put on their cars during designated winter months. Meanwhile, off-road tires are tough and have grips designed for wild terrain, such as dirt, sand, grass, and even shallow streams for stunt or leisure driving off the roads. At a tire shop, a customer can choose from a huge variety of tire brands and types to suit their needs.

Car Rims and Repair

Don’t forget the car’s rims, either, which fit over the wheel and hold the tires in place. Car rims are made of aluminum, and they might suffer from dirtiness or dents while driving. Rims can be detached from the car in an auto shop, and crews can pound out the dents from the other side. Rims can also be washed clean, but steel wool should not be used, since it will scratch up the soft metal. On a final note, car enthusiasts may order brand-new rims for their car, for style’s sake or to find rims that can better endure the rigors of stunt driving or street racing. Rims can even be repainted for aesthetic purposes.