Here’s How You Get a Good Deal On a Used Car

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The average personal vehicle on the road will change hands about three times over the course of its lifetime. While a shiny new car is fun to buy, many drivers find that their bank account prefers them to buy a car used. Finding a used car is easier than ever, and with the correct knowledge a buyer can get a great deal at the dealership.

Your Straightforward Used Car Buying Guide.

The average car will last for at the most just over 11 years supposing the owner kept it in excellent condition. Many car owners decide to trade in their car in after about six years, as some survey’s indicate. This means most car owners are looking to buy a car about every six years or so. But purchasing a new car is a bit different from buying a pre-owned one. Here’s how to find a great deal.

Is Buying a Used Vehicle a Good Idea?

When cars last nearly 11 years, the question of mileage comes into play. The technological advancements made in the automotive industry over the last 20 years has changed the way in which people buy used vehicles. Cars are staying in good working condition even with their third owner. Many vehicles run smoothly even past 100,000 miles. The key to this is that the vehicle must have been well taken care of over the whole course of its lifetime.

What to Look For to Find a Good Used Car.

There is some debate about certified pre-owned cars, but the general consensus is that certified vehicles are preferable over non-certified vehicles. These used cars are found at the dealership, because the dealership is the one deciding which cars have earned the certificate. This means that the vehicle has met certain minimal requirements in terms of upkeep, mileage, and appearance. A car’s vehicle identification number (VIN) is used to check if the car meets the requirements, or in other words, there is a paper trail.

How to Get a Good Deal at the Car Dealership.

The first thing to figure out before buying a car, whether new or old, is what the budget will be. Almost 43% of car buyers need to use special financing for their purchase. Next, it’s necessary to determine what function the vehicle will serve. For example, is it for transporting five kids and two dogs all over town? Or is it primarily for commuting one person to and from work? The next step is to decide which car company appeals to the buyer. One way to decide is to choose a car company known for their reliability, especially if when purchasing used.

A car doesn’t need to be new to be a great deal. Used cars are now lasting well past 100,000 miles. To find a good used vehicle that has been well taken care of, do your research. Decide on a budget, and then the brand and model before going to a dealership. Look for certified pre-owned vehicles, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.