How Valet Parking Can Save You Time And Money

From the valet ticket template to other valet supplies such as valet tags and such other things, valet parking has become more important and more common here in the United States than ever before. Valet parking and the need for a valet ticket template can be seen in many places, though some are more common than others. For instance, valet parking (and the use of a valet ticket template to create custom parking tags) will very frequently be seen in hospitals around the country.

After all, hospitals provide emergency services much of the time, and those who drive up to an emergency room or even to the main entrance of the hospital are not always able to park their own car. From mothers in labor to people having a suspected heart attack, the use of valet parking (thanks to the implementation of a valet ticket template) can save precious minutes that should not be wasted. In addition to this, hospital valet services tend to be highly affordable, costing no more than $8 – and sometimes even being offered for free, depending on the hospital in question.

But hospitals are certainly not the only place where you can take advantage of valet parking, whether it’s free or not. Valet parking can be ideal for trying to park in the city, for example, as city streets are notoriously hard to find parking on – and searching for parking is a known time and money such. The data that has been gathered on the subject more than backs up this claim.

In fact, this data shows that drivers in New York City (one of the worst cities for finding parking in, along with Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C., and Seattle) will spend more than $2,200 in wasted fuel – and wasted time – simply driving around and trying to find parking spots that don’t cost an arm and a leg to pay for – or even just any parking spots at all, if the situation is desperate enough. These same drivers, it’s estimated, spend more than 105 hours a year simply looking for parking, so much time that could have been spent on more productive and overall enjoyable tasks. In the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco, the situation is nearly as dire, with residents of both cities spending, on average, more than 80 hours of their lives looking for parking on just a yearly basis.

And spending this much time looking for parking is not just detrimental on an individual level. It’s hugely detrimental to the environment as well. After all, driving around in search of viable parking spaces has been found to burn up to 47,000 gallons of gas in the city of Los Angeles alone. This means, unfortunately, that 730 tons of carbon dioxide are produced in just this one sitting JUST by looking for parking.

And street parking, even if you are able to find it, can still be less than ideal. When you park out in the open like that, you open yourself up to much more risk than using valet parking services (made possible through a well crafted valet ticket template). Bumper scratches are particularly common, and commonly made during an attempt to park, be it parallel parking or a more standard type of parking. In fact, data shows that more than three quarters of all bumper scratches (around 80% of them, to be a little more exact) are made when a car is being parked, typically to the car that is being parked itself.

Therefore, seeking out valet parking services is the right choice to make on a number of levels. For one, it will save the average person who lives in a crowded and bustling city a truly great amount of time, hours upon hours of potentially productive time that would sadly otherwise be lost. When a valet ticket template is effective, money is also saved, as these drivers are not driving around and wasting their gas just to find parking. Finally, the environment benefits greatly as well, as carbon dioxide emissions are lowered by quite a considerable amount.