How Will Your Custom Banner Be Installed?

The video is about installing a custom banner on your car windshield. There is no verbal or textual narration, but the visuals do the topic justice. The matter should be put into the hands of professionals.

Video Source

The first thing they will do is remove all dirt, dust, and grime from the windshield. Any gloss or wax should also be removed. This can be done using a microfibre cloth and rubbing alcohol.

They will then apply the custom banner strip to the glass using masking tape and a tape measure. They will need to make sure it is centered and squared with the sides of the window. After this is done, they will peel off the backing paper up to a hinge point and use a felt squeegee to flatten the banner, working out all creases and air bubbles.

This is a two-person job. It requires patience and thoroughness to do it well. Although the video does not offer much in the line of direct instructions, it does give some insight into how these banners are installed on windshields. The above summary complements what is left out of the video. Now you know how the banner you purchased can be installed on your vehicle.