Important Tools for Product Fabrication and How to Keep Them Well-Maintained

There are a variety of tools needed to fabricate products. Machine tools and lathes are both important for this process. In order to keep these tools in optimal working condition, there are specific guidelines to follow.

Machine Tools and How to Keep Them in Service

When metal and other rigid materials need to be shaped and machined, a machine tool is used. While their main function is to remove material from a piece of work, machine tools have other functions. This includes being used for threading, boring, turning, and facing.

These tools are quite hard and durable. Given this, whether or not they perform optimally will depend on taking care of regular maintenance and repairs. First of all, machine tools will last longer when they are kept dry and away from the elements. Secondly, these tools need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Otherwise, build-up can potentially cause damage or poor functioning. Thirdly, damage can be further prevented when the parts of the machine that rub together are consistently well-lubricated.

There are other ways to avoid the need for machine tool repairs. This includes checking to make sure that the gear box spindle’s oil level and aproon are always in the safe line. If the machine tool makes odd noises, then it would be a good idea to have it inspected or repaired as soon as possible.

Lathes and How to Keep The in Service

In addition to creating candle sticks, musical instruments, table legs, and gun barrels, lathes are used to create quite a few different products. To ensure that a lathe is functioning optimally, its drive belt needs to be checked on a regular basis. This is important to ensure that the lathe has the right tension and works consistently.

The lathe’s gibs also need to be regularly adjusted. This helps prevent damage as well as unnecessary friction between the lathe’s components. Lathes also need to be wiped down and cleaned regularly. This process includes cleaning and re-oiling the wiper pads.

Learn More About Available Machine Shop Services

Since you want to ensure that your tools are in service when needed, it’s important to follow recommended maintenance guidelines. If your company’s machine tools or lathes aren’t functioning properly, a machine shop can create new parts or repair existing ones when possible. Once you speak with a representative, you will be able to learn more about these and other available services.