Proper Care for Car Tires

The owner of a car or pickup truck is responsible for all kinds of repair and upkeep needs of that vehicle, ranging from windshield replacement and oil changes all the way to pounding dents out of the body. And of course, the wheels should not be taken for granted. A car’s tires or rims may wear out, get dirty, or suffer damage from an auto incident, so a car owner should visit tire shops and auto repair shops to get everything back in good shape. At these tire shops, different tire types can be purchased and installed on the car, or tires may even be repaired in some cases. Routine tire rotation is also a good idea, to help the tires last longer. So, what might happen to compromise car tires, and when is it time to visit local tire shops? And what about proper care for car rims?

Taking Care of Tires

Car tires are tough, to be sure, but they are not indestructible, so drivers should always be careful to avoid hazardous driving conditions. What might happen? Sheer old age can make car tires inefficient and even unsafe to drive on, and old tires are known to slowly but constantly leak air, even if they are pumped up again. These partially deflated tires are too soft and floppy to drive safely on, and they lower the car’s fuel efficiency anyway. Such tires don’t perform well and may have worn-out grips, which can make them slippery and erratic to drive on. In fact, statistics show that many auto accidents involve a car with very old and worn out tires on it. In other cases, a car’s tire may suffer punctures (especially if it is old), and that will certainly bring a car to a halt. Sharp or hard objects on the road such as tree branches or rocks or even nails can puncture the tires, or vandals might have slashed those tires.

In some cases, a tire can be repaired if the puncture was small and is not located on a vital part of the tire. At tire shops, the staff can repair a tire if possible, by removing the foreign object and patching up the hole. Otherwise, the tire must be replaced. When it comes to tire shops, plenty of options are available for the customer, and even fairly cheap new tires can be better than the car’s current, old tires. Better yet, new tires have good grips and are fully inflated for efficient driving, and they may even be specialized for certain driving conditions. Some tires are geared for off-road driving, such as on sand, grass, and even shallow water, those being very tough tires with pronounced grips. Other tires are winter models, and they can get a good grip even on snowy or icy roads.

Tire rotation is even more common, and rotating a car’s tires helps keep them fresher and last longer. Often, car owners have their tires rotated at the same time when they have the oil changed, to keep better track of the schedule. A car owner can also keep a log noting the date and odometer reading whenever they have tires rotated or replaced. Some types of tires may also be well suited for the rigors of street racing or stunt driving, and a car racing enthusiast can look up local tire shops that offer them, or even order them online.

Car Rims

Let’s not forget about the rims on which the car’s tires will rest. Often made of aluminum, car rims should be kept in good shape so the car can drive safely, and if those rims get dented or warped from an auto accident, they can be replaced or repaired at auto shops. Dented rims can be removed from the car to pound out the dents from the other side, and restore the rim’s shape. Rims can also be washed clean with soap and water, but steel wool should not be used on them, since steel wool may scratch up the soft aluminum’s surface. Also, car racers and enthusiasts may look for more specialized rims to put on their cars, as some rim models are engineered to withstand rigorous car racing and thus have better performance.