ROUSH Mustangs Why They’re Right For Families With A Competitive Edge

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What is a ROUSH Mustang? A ROUSH Mustang is the kind of vehicle that Americans have been passing down from one generation to the next for some time it. This is because a ROUSH Mustang is different not only from other vehicles in general, but other Mustangs. These cars are meant to be durable, to last longer, to provide speed not just for the person that buys the car initially — but perhaps the person they’re teaching how to drive, the next generation of the family who wants to get into competitive driving just like the last. What is a ROUSH Mustang? It’s a vehicle that you aren’t likely to find at just any car dealership — but once you do, you’ll be glad that you took the time to look for it. No matter what, you want to make sure that you have the right type of vehicle. But this is particularly true for those looking for cars that perform at a high standard. With the average vehicle having three owners in its lifetime, more people now than ever are buying used cars — and certainly, you can buy a used ROUSH Mustang and still get the performance value that you expect from this level of vehicle.

Mustangs: A Brief History

Ford Mustangs have become iconic vehicles for a reason, with many people choosing to drive only Mustangs and nothing else. Originally created in the 1960s, these cars are known for their classic, iconic appearances and high performance values. Initially sleek, the cars became larger and heavier into the 1970s, until the company reverted back to their original appearances. Part of the reason why Mustangs look the way they do is simply because they are often designed to be sports cars. Right now, the Mustang is in its sixth generation, and remains incredibly popular among Americans. Its crash protection capabilities made the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration give it five stars in 2015. But the Mustang isn’t just meant for those who want to drive on the highway. Mustangs have also been used in drag racing and sports racing. Of course, when you ask the question “what is a ROUSH Mustang?” you’re probably thinking that they’re ultimately the same vehicle. While obviously, a ROUSH Mustang is a Mustang, there are some differences between the Mustang itself and this and a Mustang that has been enhanced by ROUSH components.

What Is A ROUSH Mustang And How Does It Differ From A Regular Mustang?

To understand the difference between a ROUSH Mustang and a regularly-performing Mustang, you must first understand what ROUSH Performance is. ROUSH Performance is a company that specializes in high performance components for vehicles. These components — sometimes in the form of kits — enhance vehicles and make them more competitive, sometimes even in a the field of racing. Essentially, a Mustang on its own can still be a sports car — but a ROUSH Mustang is something else entirely, capable of much more.

Can You Buy A ROUSH Mustang Used?
Of course, not everyone wants to build their own ROUSH Mustang, or enhance a Mustang on their own. This is why a lot of people look for ROUSH Mustangs at auto dealerships. A used ROUSH Mustang can still perform at incredible levels, though of course there are some things you need to keep in mind, as you would when looking for any kind of used car. For example, even if you’re buying a car that’s less than five years old, you’ll want to look for a car that is certified pre-owned. Don’t take someone’s word regarding the car; proper certification will tell you what you need to know. But with roughly 40 million used cars changing hands each year, there should be plenty of options on the market for you and your family.