Save Money When You Transport a Car

Car shipping rates

Whether you are a private individual selling your vehicle over the Internet, or you run a small dealership and you need to ship a car to another location in the country, you may want to consider the advantages of working with one of any number of auto transport companies to ensure that the shipment is made safely and on time.

One sign that this option may make sense for you is the success of the transport industry as a whole. Freight transport has brought in roughly $5 billion worth in revenue. Furthermore, the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics reports that by 2015, 35% of new jobs in the transportation industry will come specifically from the vehicle transport industry.

But why do car transport and RV transport make sense from a business standpoint? Simply put, the savings that a business accrues using specialized transportation services are substantial when compared to simply driving the vehicle to its intended destination. More specifically, a cross-country road trip means spending at least $2,200 for gas money alone. By contrast, if you needed to ship a regular car or even a smaller truck from San Francisco to New York City, it would cost roughly $550, as estimated by uShip. In short, it is simply much more financially sustainable for business to transport sold vehicles in this manner.

When shipping a vehicle, you will definitely want to make sure that you check the vehicle for any malfunctioning parts or damage to the body before you transport it. This way, you can be sure that any damage sustained during the transportation itself is covered by the transport company. This is also a good way of making certain that the customer receives the car in the condition in which it was initially delivered.

The Department of Transportation reports that nearly all transportation specialists have only two trucks at the most with which to get the job done. This means that you will want to plan well in advance to make sure that the transaction goes smoothly.

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