Standing The Test Of Time Why Japanese Engines Continue To Lead The World In Quality And Innovation

Why have Japanese car models remained one of the most popular choices around the world?

There’s something to be said about quality over quantity. Time and time again Japanese manufacturers have made it clear what’s most important, reflecting this high standard in car models that are built to last. From Toyota to Honda, Japanese cars rattled the world with their impressive engines, sleek designs and reliable manufacturing methods. When you’re looking for car parts that won’t let you down, Japanese used engines are available to offer you a competitive balance between quality and cost. Still want to do a little more research?

Learn more about why the Japanese used engines won’t be replaced any time soon.

The history of the Toyota is an interesting lesson in first impressions. All the way back in the early 1900’s they established a name for themselves as a competitor for Ford. While their production had been on a much smaller scale compared to their American counterparts, they soon set themselves apart from the pack with their lightweight models that managed to be both speedy and durable. When you look up used Japanese import engines you’re appreciating a history that carries with it a mark that can’t be easily replicated.

Flash forward to the modern day and Toyota is a brand anyone can recognize, car guru or not. Even if you don’t drive one yourself, you likely know someone that does. Back in 2016 Toyota topped the list of the world’s most valuable car brands, with its estimated value at around $30 billion. The same year saw nearly 390,000 Toyota Camry vehicles being sold. Toyota is also expected to produce an impressive 10 million vehicles by the time 2023 arrives.

Let’s not count Honda out. While 2016 named Toyota the most valuable car brand worldwide, Honda would produce two out of the five top selling cars in the United States in that same time. The Honda Accord and the Honda Civic are well-known models that families and couples love, providing high-tech features with enough space for all sorts of daily uses. Honda would later sell nearly five million automobiles around the world by the time 2016 wound to a close. It’s not hard to see why used Japanese import engines make for a great addition.

Japan continues to release wave after wave of reliable, powerful engine models. The top three import categories from Japan to the United States are vehicles (at $50 billion), machinery (at $30 billion) and electrical machinery (at nearly $17 billion). In fact, Japan remains the United States’ fourth largest supplier of goods imports. When your car could use a replacement, or just a boost in performance, looking up Japanese engines for sale in California will check off multiple boxes on your list.

Used vehicles are just as good as brand new models. That’s because used cars are required to pass a rigorous inspection check to be deemed fit for sale. Nearly eight million passenger vehicles are produced in Japan every year. An economic forecast by PwC estimated over 105 million vehicles will be manufactured around the world in 2020. Despite this, used cars nearly outnumber new cars in the United States. Japanese used engines ensure you’re getting the full package of an affordable price and quality that can’t be beat.

When in doubt? Just take a look at history. Japanese used engines speak for themselves.