Taking A Closer Look At The Benefits of Ignition Interlock Systems in the United States

Drunk driving is a problem here in the United States, there is no doubt about it, with high fatality and injury rate all around. In fact, for every two minutes that pass, another person becomes injured in a drunk driving related incident. And for each twenty four hour time period, very nearly thirty people (twenty eight, to be more exact) will die from drunk driving, either as a victim of a drunk driving related crash or as the perpetrator of one.

,br>And drunk driving is far too infrequently caught. Each and every day, as many as three hundred thousand people will take to the roads while they are intoxicated. Of these people, however, it’s estimated that less than five thousand of them – less than four thousand of them, even – will actually be caught and apprehended. In fact, data shows that the typical habitual drunk driver will even get away with drunk driving upwards of eighty times before ever being stopped.

Fortunately, there is a way to reduce drunk driving rates here in the United States. The first step, of course, is awareness. Giving people the information about drunk driving that they need to know can make it all the more real, and once people understand just how risky it really it, many of them will be far more careful about getting behind the wheel after drinking, even if they have only had just a few.

But preventing those who have already had a DUI conviction from driving while intoxicated again can be a more difficult task. Fortunately, an in car breathalyzer and interlock cup for sale can make all the difference. These things, the breathalyzer and interlock cup for sale, are two parts of the typical interlock device. An interlock device, complete with interlock cup for sale, is installed in the cars and other such motor vehicles of those who have been found guilty of a DUI charge and the interlock cup for sale can prevent them from getting on the road while intoxicated again.

After the interlock installation, someone with an interlock cup for sale in their vehicle will be required to blow into a breathalyzer before the car is even able to turn on. After this, they will need to periodically use the breathalyzer while driving, commonly in fifteen minute intervals, though the exact span of time between intervals can vary from car to car, from interlock cup for sale to interlock cup for sale. This prevents them from consuming alcohol at any point during their time on the road, protecting the driver, anyone else in the car, and all of the people on the road with them.

And the use of ignition interlock systems with an interlock cup for sale has proven to be very effective. In fact, the data even shows that such devices lead to as much has a seventy percent reduction in the arrest rates of those who currently have them in their cars. Even after the probationary period is over and the device is removed from the car, the arrest rate falls by more than thirty five percent (thirty nine percent, to be more exact).

Part of the success of the interlock cup for sale and this type of system is that it really allows you to drink no alcohol at all before you drive. Instead of starting the car for anything below a legal blood alcohol level of .08, it typically won’t start for anything above a .03 or a .02. This extra care taken to make sure that drunk driving does not occur is crucial for keeping drunk drivers off of the road, especially those who have been previously convicted of a DUI offense.

These systems can save lives, there is no doubt about it and they are truly worth it for that purpose and that purpose alone. But such system as the interlock cup for sale and the total ignition interlock system can save a great deal of money as well, something that should also not be overlooked here in the United States.