The Freedom of the Open Road

Free car magazines

For car addicts who crave the freedom of the open road, the boost of turbo charged glory, or the nostalgic rumble of a classic 350 Chevy internal combustion engine, online car magazines can provide all the auto related information that they need. Regardless of the particular types of cars that one prefers, there are free car magazines and online car magazines to meet those preferences. There are online car magazines that specialize in classic American cars, contemporary import automobiles, exotic sports cars, muscle cars and even company specific car magazines. Many of the magazines that focus on specific automakers are muscle car magazines featuring American made automobiles. Regardless, whatever a car fanatic seeks, there are several online car magazines to accommodate any car fetish.

Many car hobbyists, like anyone with a passionate interest, are basically addicted to their automobiles and constantly looking for projects to improve the performance or appearance of their cars. For older car enthusiasts, they are perpetually seeking to recapture the glory days of the muscle cars of their youths. In recent years online car magazines have run features on the ways that the big three automakers are attempting to capitalize upon the nostalgic yearnings of aging muscle car lovers. This is apparent in the retro designs of iconic automobiles such as the Mustang, Camaro, Charger, and Challenger. Also, it is clear that such pseudo vintage designs are not designed and marketed toward young people, as the prices of these hefty throwback vehicles often exceed fifty thousand dollars, and are equipped with huge horsepower engines that give many of these vehicles less than fifteen miles per gallon of gasoline. Therefore, these are not the types of automobiles that are practical for a twenty something with thousands of dollars of college loans, nor for those who deliver pizzas.

There are many things that draw car enthusiasts to their hobby. It might be nostalgia, the thrill of speeding down a highway at 120 mph, the sleek aesthetics of an exotic European sports car, or simply enjoying the process of rebuilding a classic engine. When it comes down to it, none of that matters, as there are a variety of online car magazines to satisfy the desires of any auto buff. Online car magazines offer the automobile aficionado with a variety of resources that include informative videos, advice columns, and more large and small projects to keep him busy for years.