The Most Common Diesel Engine Problems

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Duramax is a diesel powered engine. It is primarily powered by injector torque specs and the specific year of Duramax injectors. Although the injector torque specs are constantly upgraded and improved, there are common problems with the Duramax injectors. These are some of the most common problems you might come across with your injectors.

Injector source problems
Most diesel trucks that have mechanical problems are due to the injector. Whether it is a 03 Cummins injector or 2003 Duramax injectors, the problem usually comes from the injector. Diesel works different than fuel powered in that it uses the injector to pump power into the engine. The fuel is not mixed with air as it is with other types of vehicles. This results in a more efficient vehicle, but problems with the injectors are always a possibility. There are two major types of deposits that can cause injectors to fail due to excessive buildup, external and internal injector deposits.

When dealing with injector problems, you can replace them fairly easily. Because the problem usually lies with the injector, engine troubles are usually easy to identify. It is best to replace the entire set at once, to avoid the crack from spreading and having to have more repairs in a short period of time. Replacing the entire injector torque specs increases the efficiency and reduces your chances of additional problems.

Water pumps
When the problem is not with the injector, it is likely due to the water pump. Diesel fueled vehicles commonly has leaking water pumps. Fortunately, once you are able to get the pump off, it is also simple to replace. The hardest part of the water pump repair is the actual removal of the pump. If you are replacing injector torque specs anyways, it might be a good idea to also check and replace the water pump at the same time. Because these are two of the most common problems, you can fix both at the same time and have a longer lasting vehicle.

Transmission problems
Although rare, transmission problems can and do occur with diesel vehicles. The transmission can slip over time, especially if you have a stock version underneath the hood. If transmission problems occur, you might need to replace or rebuild the entire transmission. Many believe that the better repair option is to rebuild, because you can add the necessary specs and 2004 Duramax injectors to properly power the transmission. Always have your transmission replaced or rebuilt by a professional to avoid further problems.

Other check engine problems
Of course, there are other problems that can occur with your diesel vehicle. It is a mechanical item, after all, and problems can arise from any of the parts. The first sign of a problem is usually when the check engine light comes on. Many drivers continue to drive until they hear noises or until the vehicle stops running. By the time you wait this long, the repairs are more time consuming and expensive. Always bring your diesel vehicle in at the first sign of a check engine light. Diesel fuel is 25 to 30% more energy rich than gasoline. Avoiding repairs can be a huge mistake.

The diesel engine design was first patented 125 years ago, by Rudolf Diesel. Since then, it has become a popularly sold vehicle, especially in trucks. Engine problems with diesel vehicles are less common, but they do occur. When they do occur, it is important to have the 2004 Duramax problems or injectors checked as soon as possible. You can reduce the cost and time of repairs by having them repaired in a timely matter.