The Two Most Important Preventive Maintenance Services for Your Car

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As a car owner, the importance of regular preventive maintenance for your car cannot be emphasized enough. It’s perhaps the single most valuable thing you can do ensure your car remains in a good condition at all times. In addition, car care will save you money on unnecessary auto repairs. Unfortunately, not many people understand what preventive care entails, when and how to go about it. If you’ve been in a situation where you’re forced to leave you car for weeks or months of repair, then you’d probably understand how crucial preventive maintenance is to your car.

Experts advise that you take your vehicle for maintenance services regularly or as recommended by the car manufacturer. Some of the basic components to be looked at includes tire pressure, checking and changing your oil, brake services and general car inspection. These services are essential to ensure your car is running as it’s supposed to. Most importantly, regular car services will allow early detection of unusual activities in the car before the problem escalates into something else. Below are the two essential preventive maintenance services for your car.

Brake services
Do you know when to have your brakes repaired? Not everyone is familiar with this, but if you’re truly keen on your vehicle performance, you’d easily tell when to have your brakes repaired. Other safety elements aside, brakes are the utmost safety feature in your vehicle. And If you maintaining them properly, it will ensure safety for you and other road users. There are several clear signs that indicate problems with your braking system. For instance, if you hear a squeal or squawk, or notice sudden stops and starts when you hit your brake pedal, those are possible indicators that your brake need inspection immediately.

If you are planning to take a long trip or you’re constantly caught up in tough commute around the town, your braking systems ought to work perfectly. Otherwise, you could end up running over someone or hit an another car from behind, and that’s one case you really want to avoid. You need to be sure that by depressing your brake pedal, the braking system will offer a precise and complete stop to your vehicle. The braking system is typically made of shoes, drums, pads, hoses, calipers, hydraulic cylinders, and rotors. These components wear out due friction that produces heat and therefore, they need to be serviced overtime. Check out for things like brake fluid wheels, pedals being unusually soft, grinding, anti-locking braking system lights flickering or any abnormality experienced when you initiate braking system. These are evidence enough to warrant brake services.

Wheel alignment
The feeling of a smooth ride is proverbial for car owners with faulty wheel alignment. Simply, wheel alignment refers to the state of your car wheels pointing in the right direction. Not only is this a problem when it comes to general steering and suspension, but it also increases tire wear, and most importantly compromises your safety. So how exactly do wheels become misaligned? Well if your car is exposed to pot holes or hit a curb, then there is a chance your wheel alignment has been thrown off. Also, as your car age, the wheel components start losing their grip making the wheels to be misaligned. Therefore, when you wheels are being replaced or every time you go for car inspection, ensure your wheel alignment is also checked. Since there is high precision in measuring alignment angles, any slight misalignment can significantly reduce the durability of your tires.

These two preventive maintenance services, wheel alignment and brakes services, guarantees you a smooth ride with your car running more efficiently.