The Wheels on the Bus Go ‘Round, Just Like the Planet You’re Saving

Charter bus transportation

There are plenty of different ways to get where you need to go in today’s modern world of hustle and bustle. From horse and buggy to locomotives chugging away on the rails to the first motorized vehicles to buses, high speed trains and planes, the technology behind the transportation of society keeps improving on speed, comfort, reliability, and efficiency. But, as happens with much of the advancements in the industrial and technological realms, the environmental factor is too quickly forgotten. There has been a recent shift in a feeble attempt to readjust for the sake of our planet, but at this point it would take a massive change of hearts and minds in the vast majority of the population in order to make a difference.

What can we do to reduce our society’s carbon footprint?
There are personal vehicles everywhere. While some see at as a sign of status to have a certain type of vehicle, and others just don’t know what they would do without the convenience of having their own car, it would be wise to consider alternatives. Having a car, is of course often a necessity, but using it for absolutely everything does not have to be. Take public transportation when possible, and walk those few blocks instead of jumping in the car. Buses are a cheap and simple alternative, and they have been used for many years, as early as the 1820s, in fact, when horse drawn carriages were used to bus people around. And in England, about a decade after that, steam-powered bus services were becoming a regular occurrence. For over 14 million residents living in the rural United States today, buses are the only option for public transportation, delivering people to destinations that planes and trains do not service, and often where taxies are out of the question. Buses have proven to be a solid choice for travel, being consistently available for years on end.

There are plenty of good reasons to take a bus
It has indeed been proven that buses are overall better when it comes to pollution. Every bus that is full of people can potentially take 55 vehicles off of the highway, which not only cuts down on emissions, but also cuts energy use and congested traffic. And while cars can get anywhere from 27.2 to 46 passenger miles per gallon, or MPG, motor coaches can achieve 206.6 passenger MPG, a significant enough difference to at least consider switching it up. On top of being better for the environment, some buses, for example coach charter buses, can bring a significant amount of tourism into a community. Just one motor coach that spends a single night in a destination can create up to $11,660 for the local community by way of meals, accommodation, souvenirs, and other spending. Coach charter buses are a good option for vacations or trips where a lot of people are attending, such as for school, business seminars or conferences, or large family reunions. Using coach charter buses reduces the need for everyone to drive, reducing stress on the would-be drivers and emissions on this lovely planet of ours.

The benefits of bus travel should not be overlooked. It is good for the earth, and with many buses improving their services, you can also often find Wifi on a bus. It doesn’t have to be some far off dream to travel comfortably on a bus. And you’d be helping to save the planet in the process!