What Are Auto Shippers, and How Do They Help Keep Our World Spinning?

Phoenix car hauling

It might come as a bit of a shock to you, but cars aren’t always their own method of transportation. If you order a car from overseas or are planning on relocating an automobile from any point to another which is quite far away, you may not be driving it there yourself. In fact, the car may not have its tires on the road at all!

Enter corporate relocation services — these companies move your automobile cargo from point A to B for you. Imagine if these services didn’t exist. Imagine that you’ve just purchased a car you fell in love with, but it’s located halfway across the country. Do you drive down to get it, depreciating your own vehicle and the vehicle you just purchased? What if it’s an antique or novelty set of wheels? You really couldn’t be expected to drive a classic all the way cross-country, can you? Of course not. Auto shippers and corporate relocation services take all the worry out of the process by providing a vehicle, usually a large truck (car carriers) or boat, which will carry your vehicle all the way to you. This is a popular method of transportation used by those who just purchased an automobile, or are securing the transportation of multiple cars.

The industry is worth $12 billion in the United States. It’s only growing, too — which means that you might be using this service at some point in your life, too. It’s estimated that around 15 million cars are annually sold online by sites like eBay, Motors, Cars.com, CarsDirect.com, and AutoTrader.com. When an order is placed, shipping is usually secured by a company which specializes in relocating vehicles.

A fast tip that might help you save even more money the next time you have to depend on these services to bring your prize car home to you. Try purchasing during the winter months, as the summer rates are usually much more expensive.