Why Your Business Needs Commercial Charging Stations

Not sure how commercial charging stations can help your company? Keeping up with the current trends is why many businesses nowadays consider working with EV charging networks to add electric car charging stations to their establishments. So if you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you may also want to help customers in charging their electric vehicles.

You have probably seen a substantial increase in people who use electric cars over the last couple of years. This trend has provided businesses with an opportunity to satisfy the needs of existing clients while also raising recognition for their brand.

In fact, the number of EV charging sites or locations, both private and public, were approximated to be around 20,178 in the United States as of December 31, 2017. Out of these charging locations, 17,526 or around 86.9% were open for use by the public.

Benefits of Commercial Charging Stations

If you have EV stations installed in your business location, it might help a great deal for your company to attract new clients and stand out from the competition. But if you’re still on the fence, consider the following benefits that you will enjoy when you install EV charging solutions at your place.

1. Extra Revenue Source

Private parking lots and garages can undoubtedly use commercial charging stations to boost their pay-to-park earnings. However, even other businesses can also increase their profits through this method. You can have an additional revenue source without incurring more costs on recruiting new staff.

The main idea is that EV stations can generate more revenue for your business since the fees will almost certainly cover installation, operation, and maintenance costs. You can rest assured that it can pay for itself.

2. Free Marketing for Your Business

You can promote your EV charging station while boosting brand awareness. There are several apps available today that display the locations of EV stations across the country. It will be a significant help for your business if you take advantage of this cost-free marketing technique to place your company on the map and attract more clients.

If you think about it, charging EVs can take longer than several minutes. While waiting for the process to finish, the passengers and driver of the car will likely come into your shop to eat snacks or buy something to pass the time. In turn, it can increase your sales revenue.

You can start signing up for smartphone apps like Charge Hub, Plug Share, and Blink Map. If you register with these applications, you will be enhancing the visibility and accessibility of your charging station and business to owners of electric cars in the area.

3. Customer Retention

If you can provide added value to your consumers, they are more likely to return to do business with you instead of going to your competition. Installing electric vehicle charging stations can dramatically improve your chances of gaining client loyalty.

EV owners and drivers who start charging their cars at your business establishment are more likely to do it again soon. Considering that they will be greatly enticed to enter your shop, whether out of curiosity or appreciation, it will increase foot traffic for your company. You’ll soon notice that you’ve ever so gently inserted your business on their usual route, especially given how many people use electric cars today.

Even large retailers such as Target implement EV charging solutions to make their customers keep coming back to their stores. There is a huge probability that the drivers of these electric cars will enter the store and shop after stopping by the establishment to charge their vehicles.

4. Brand Image Enhancement

Commercial charging stations can indeed increase your company’s brand image and public awareness dramatically. When people notice that your company’s facility has an EV station, they will tend to favor you over your other competitors. And you have the increased environmental awareness and concern to thank for it.

Boost Your Business With EV Charging Stations

The turn of the century provides numerous opportunities for your company to grow and adapt. Add a commercial charging station to your business to demonstrate that your company values its customers’ demands. Seize the opportunity to meet customer requests and expand your client base by offering additional solutions to people who are making the switch to electric cars.