Window Tints Give You Privacy, Safety and Comfort

Window tint fort worth

Window tints and automotive paint protection film have a practical function and they add to the beauty of your car. A clear bra or paint protection film on your car helps keep that showroom finish for years and protects the paint from scratches and stains. Window tinting blocks harmful UV rays and makes for safer driving, cutting down on glare from the sun. It gives you a cooler and more comfortable interior, protecting your eyes and skin from harmful radiation.
For car window tinting, vehicle wraps and clear bras, it’s always better to go to a professional window tinting service. They’re used to doing this, day in and day out, and know how to do a quick and efficient job that will produce lasting results.

Paint protection film for your car
Your car is a major investment and you want to do everything you can to protect it. Paint protection films or clear bra offer protection for the finish, keeping your car in showroom condition. It takes anywhere from one to four hours to install a clear bra, and once installed, it will last from 7 to 10 years.
Clear bra is a clear, scratch-and-stain-resistant film that is tough and durable. Once installed, it needs no maintenance. Many types of film are self healing, with technology that makes scratches disappear.

Window tints for safer driving
Window tints offer you greater privacy, safety and comfort. By reducing the sun’s glare, they actually help prevent accidents. Some 3,000 accidents each year are attributed to drivers being disoriented by the sun’s glare.
Window tints also give you a cooler and more comfortable interior. While most car windshields are factory-treated to partially filter UVA rays, the side windows still let these through. Some window tints will block up to 99% of harmful UV rays. It is estimated that window films can keep your car up to 60% cooler in the hot summer months. Blocking harmful UV rays is better for your eyes and skin.

Professional installation is the key
For window tinting, car wraps and clear bra, it’s best to get a professional job. That way you can be sure that you will have a neat, precise finish without any trapped air bubbles.
Another reason to leave it to the professionals is that many states have different laws about window tinting, because of the danger of reduced visibility. When your window tints or clear bra are applied by a professional service, you can be sure that it is in compliance.

Many people choose clear bra and window tints because of the look. After all, that’s what NASCAR vehicles have, so it must be cool, right? True, but there are also many very good practical reasons for adding window tints and protective film to your car, like safety, comfort and protection.