4 Tips for Keeping Family Vehicles Clean

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The automobile industry is one of the largest industries in the United States. Many families continue to drive the automobile industry through purchasing new and used cars. Statistics from 2016 found that 17.5 million vehicles were sold for the year, a new record in the industry. Many new automobiles were sold through a Chrysler dealer as this vehicle manufacturer remains popular. Families know the importance of keeping family cars clean. It’s important to ensure that you’re doing everything possible from preventing messes within a car. Over time, small stains can become the main cause of foul odors inside of a vehicle. Here are four tips for keeping family vehicles clean.

  1. Make Your Own Air Freshener

    You’ve probably seen many types of car air fresheners. Air fresheners are used to ensure that vehicles remain smelling pleasant. Unfortunately, certain air fresheners might only mask a scent instead of removing it. Using too many fresheners can leave your vehicle smelling far too pungent. If you want to save money on purchasing air fresheners, you can make your own easily. All you need is a jar, a lid with holes, and baking soda. Pour the baking soda into the jar and close it tightly to create your own odor eliminator. You’ll want to keep this baking soda jar in an area of the vehicle where it won’t tip over.
  2. Get a Basket for Automotive Products

    Many people keep automotive products on hand to avoid running out of oil, windshield fluid, and other fluids. In some cases, these products can spring a leak that might end up ruining fabrics within a vehicle. You might find that one sharp object easily punctures plastic containers. It’s wise to keep a basket inside of your car to safely store automotive fluids.
  3. Cupcake Wrappers in Cupholders

    A Chrysler dealer often hears stories from past customers about how one spilled drink wreaked havoc in their vehicles. The cupholder is an area within a vehicle known to collect dirt and grime. Residue from overly full cups often spills into the base of a cupholder. Over time, these holders will become sticky and filled with gunk. Families with teenage children know that younger drivers often stop to get fast food with friends. Placing silicone wrappers for cupcakes in cupholders protects this part of the vehicle without worrying about paper sticking to cups.
  4. Place Snacks in Safe Containers

    Many families purchase snacks while traveling together. You’ll find it take only one spill to have crumbs and food flying across a vehicle. Smaller sized snacks can often end up lost within floorboards for a long time. If you want to reduce snack spills, all you’ll need is a plastic container with a lid. A container of coffee creamer that has been cleaned and emptied works well as an impromptu snack dispenser.

In some cases, a family will decide that it’s time to get another vehicle. Many people are purchasing vehicles made by the Chrysler company. You’ll want to ensure that you visit a Chrysler dealer that is community oriented. No family wants to visit a car dealership where they’re treated as nothing but another sale. It’s important to find a Chrysler dealer that values the business of each and every customer. A community auto dealer will help ensure your family is treated with respect.

In summary, there are several ways to keep family vehicles clean. You can make your own air freshener by filling a jar with baking soda. Poking a few small holes into the baking soda jar allows odors to be trapped and eliminated. It’s wise to keep automotive products safe from leaks and punctures by placing them in their own basket. Cupcake wrappers work well to ensure that cupholders are protected from grime and gunk. One spilled snack can lead to a huge mess inside of a vehicle. Keeping family vehicles clean ensures they remain looking new for years to come.

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