A Brief History of How the Breathlyzer Was Developed

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The invention of the automobile vastly changed how the entire world operated. Unfortunately, early drivers of the automobile were often unaware of how strongly alcohol could impair driving abilities. It made sense that something needed to be done to detect the presence of alcohol on a driver. Throughout the years, the breathalyzer would become increasingly popular throughout the world. Many drivers who have previously dealt with DUI charges are finding a newer type of breathalyzer to help their futures. Here is more information about the amazing history of the breathalyzer.

Invention of the Breathalyzer

In the 1920s, a man named Emil Bogen began work to determine ways to detect if someone was under the influence of alcohol. Early findings found that it was quite easy to test if alcohol was present in the blood or urine. It’s likely that Bogen was pleased to discover that alcohol could be detected on the breath. Bogen would develop a device that would cause chemicals to change colors if it detected alcohol through breath testing.

Breathalyzers Become Mainstream

During the 1940s, automobiles were beginning to increase in terms of popularity. Roads all across America were filled with drivers. The problem of automobile related deaths was still on the rise due to drunk driving incidents becoming commonplace. Scientists were fine tuning breathalyzers that were able to be used by police departments across the nation. These newer breathalyzers would work by comparing carbon dioxide content in a person’s breath to the presence of alcohol. Comparing the two values would result in the breathalyzer presenting a final BAC percentage.

Newer Breathalyzers are Giving Drivers Freedom

It’s understandable that previously convicted DUI offenders felt driving laws were far too harsh. A newer invention known as the car breathalyzer would work to help give drivers a chance to prove themselves while on the road. In the past, drivers that faced too many marks on their record could risk permanently losing their drivers licenses. An ignition interlock device is placed inside of a persons automobile. Statistics show that there are nearly 150,000 interlock devices in cars across the United States. This device regularly requires a driver to breathe into the device to ensure they’re not under the influence of alcohol. An interlock installation is a relatively simple process. Many drivers that would not have been able to drive again are able to hit the road with the aid of a car breathalyzer. Statistics show that interlocks are associated with a nearly 70% reduction in arrest rates due to driving while impaired.

In closing, the breathalyzer has seen many innovations throughout time. The earliest form of a breathalyzer used colored chemicals to detect if someone was under the influence of alcohol. Innovations with the breathalyzer would allow for them to be utilized by police departs across the nation. Over time, breathalyzers were utilized to ensure previously convicted DUI individuals could drive without fear of losing their license permanently. Statistics show that interlock devices reduce instances of repeat offenses by nearly 39% when compared to drivers that have never used this type of device. Many drivers enjoy having their freedom to drive while using a car breathalyzers instead of losing their licenses.